Private Message sent but no reply received.

I am a new :r: user and I sent a private message to @anon33247966 5 days ago with a question about my :r: card but have not received a reply.

Just wondering if it is normal for :r: support to not reply?

Hello, this is a Community forum, the real :r: support is though the inapp chat :slight_smile:

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No it’s not!
I tried to ‘chat’ with a Live Agent to cancel my Revolut account on two occasions. The first I had an estimated wait time of 16 hours and the second a mere 10 hours! Although they have your mobile number, they don’t contact you. It appears you have to wait ‘In App’ for that length of time. Really? The mark of a good, credible, reliable company is how they deal & interact with their customers. And my experience they are terrible. I wouldn’t recommend them at all.


@mirron Thank you for the information. As I said, I am a new user and I was advised to send a private message to @anon33247966 by another user.

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@Valkman Thanks for your reply. Oh dear! That does not give me great confidence as a new user of :r: :frowning_face:

To be honest :r: provides great services at a great price BUT they have issue with support delay… they have hired 100 new peoples last month, just waiting to be trainned I think.


I’ve also done that…twice & also to @Olga_Revolut. - No reply…

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Mirron is absolutely spot on.
Great product, excellent prices but very questionable support service.

Hi Berno.

Really sorry to hear that. I’m afraid I haven’t received a direct message from you. I cannot locate any messages. However, I will initiate one now.

P.s. I have checked your chat with our support team, at the moment you are in touch with our virtual assistant. Please type “live agent” to be able to speak with an agent.

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@anon33247966 Thank you for your assistance. :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar problem. I’m waiting 28 hours now to get “In-app support”. Nothing but automated excuses, though someone did send me a message at 6AM local time… apparently I missed my window, since I’ve been waiting 9 more hours now for someone to follow my in-app chat again.

I hope the renowned @anon33247966 can help me since I read he has helped so many others. Remarkable that the failures of the support system can be directed into the hands of one or two individuals. I posted a forum message but I am now awaiting “moderation” which may never be granted at this rate.

@anon33247966 if you are reading this please PM me and I will reiterate my simple request which is for ACCOUNT CANCELLATION which is now especially urgent since I’ve never seen a system this appalling.