Privacy Policy Updates

Be careful, after update today (6.17.2, Android), the marketing blablabla turned blue (opt-in) automatically…

:r: @Andreas this is not normal!!!

I cannot confirm this. My app is updated to version 6.17.2 and the settings were unchanged. (Android 8)

Same for me. No change on update to 6.17.2 on Android. Targeted marketing is still greyed out.

However, thanks for the warning. I will keep checking tis setting.

No changes in 6.17.2 on android for me. targeted marketing is off.

23 days ago I started this thread. Now it appears to be starting again.

This time via an email about another privacy policy update: 6.18

This time an extra ‘Opt out’ is necessary to stop Revolut sharing my details.

I will try to find a positive: At least this time the instructions are clear.

However why is the onus on me to keep opting out?

A message to Revolut: Trust has to be earned.

In my opinion this is a lesson that this company needs to learn.


Have received the new app - but no mail so far.
But I do agree. It’s time to “opt out” of revolut. I already started the process.
It started good, became worse, and accelerated after entering a downward-spiral. This is WAY beyond banking. But not in a good way.

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What does the email say - can you paste the text please?
I have not received an email yet and don’t see anything new in the app (v6.18.1 Android) besides the changed text and title of the former “Targeted Marketing” .

TEXT OF EMAIL: Received from Revolut yesterday

You will have noticed that we recently updated our privacy policy. In true Revolut style, we want you to decide how we can and cannot use your data.

Many companies routinely share user data so that they can create more targeted advertising, and build more relevant products. However, some recent high-profile cases have shown that this doesn’t always happen in a clear and ethical way. Things get buried in the small print, and opt-out options are confusing. This is unacceptable, but together, we can make sure you fully understand how data works here at Revolut and how you can opt out at any time if you want to.

Note: This ought to go without saying, but we will never sell your data to third parties, or share your data in a way that allows third parties to market their products to you.

Data for social media & advertising platforms

One way we use data is by sharing your name, email address, and certain app activity* with third-party social media platforms for marketing purposes. Basically, this helps us to advertise our products and services to you and other people like you.

*App activity means things that you do in the app, such as installing it, ordering a card, opening your dashboard.

You may, of course, not want Revolut to share this type of information, and that is 100% understandable. If you would like to opt out, simply open the app and go to Dashboard > Settings > Privacy, then deselect Social media & advertising platforms .

Data for credit products

So that we can create market leading credit products in the future, we need to understand more about our customers. To do this, we’ll send your name, address, and date of birth, to credit bureaus automatically. Rest assured, this will not affect your credit score , and it only applies to UK customers.

If you’re okay with this, then there’s nothing to do. If you would prefer to opt out, simply open the app and go to Dashboard > Settings > Privacy , then deselect the toggle under Credit .

Please note: You will need to update to Revolut version 6.18 or later in the App Store or Play Store, in order to see both of the opt-out switches we’ve described above in your privacy settings.


Thank you for sharing. I don’t have that option in iOS and neither I got any email (yet).

I’m curious - how does opening the dashboard or ordering a card help advertising on FREAKING FACEBOOK?!

…no need to say: until I’m gone (sadly paied some things with revolut, need to wait until everything worked out aso), I’ll watch the privacy-settings closley.

Edit: thanks for sharing the E-Mail @Windowbox - I’ll do the same with the german version if I should receive a notification.

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Well done :r: for giving users the choice of opting out of data to credit referencing agencies. Most UK financial institutions do not allow you to opt out at all. :r: proving itself better than other banks yet again :smiley: :.

Can someone please tell what is happening before you update and opt-out for marketing/credit agencies ?
How/when Revolut consider that you have given your agreement ?
Because, yes, you might be able to opt-out…but I can’t figure out what they could do with our data before that point.

Before you leave

Have you contacted revolut?
Complained direct to them

So they can see we stand together as user, and demand change

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So only guys in UK will get this option, at least for now.

It’s funny – with each app update, the first thing you have to do is to go to the options and check whether there are some other “opt you in” positions. I think I also give up on revolut.


Well, I see the options on iOS, but they are already off (opted out) - possibly because I went through the opt-out process before and the settings were carried over. So if you did that previously, no new issue here.

I will - but first, the orders I payed with the revolut-card need to be fullfilled, so that if I start “telling them what I think of the recent changes” won’t lead to even more issues with the deliveries aso (if there should be some “sudden unusual movements” aso)

Why is there a constant need for me as a customer to check whether I have been opted in to some form of data sharing (selling of my data)?

I really hope Revolut gets heavily fined for automatically opting in people “for convenience”