Privacy Policy Updates

I am struggling to work out whether the forthcoming privacy policy updates, due on 5th November 2019, contain any changes about which I should be worried?

Hopefully somebody in this forum will help me to make sense of these changes.

A plain English summary would be helpful.


I’ll attach myself to the question, I’m kinda alerted that revolut now will check with credit agencys to ESTIMATE my financial situation (and use the data for ads and marketing).

a) afaik there’s no credit-option, nor don’t i want one (do the checks if a customer activly asks for a credit dammit! :r: doesn’t have to go “full german banks”)
b) why shall these infos be forwarded for ads!?
c) why doesn’t switzerland appear in the privacy-site? (there’s one for each country revolut’s available)

THEN AGAIN there’s a high chance of me not understanding the T&C (…i’m no lawyer…).


The business site mentions coming soon loans and overdrafts, those could be the ‘“credit products” mentioned in the privacy policy.

I don’t see they use credit information to send ads. Personal information, anonymized, to advertisers, yes.

Every time I open a bank account, buy insurance, change utilities company, change mobile phone company etc I expect there to be a credit agency check of my financial status. Every day normal business practice.

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…except you are used to privacy, and companys and their behaviour to not collect unnecessary data just for “what if”-cases.
Eg. for a credit-check, a morgage aso, YES. But only when one applys for that.
There’s no need to get screened by a credit agency if you don’t get a credit.

For me, there’s also the “private credit agencys”-issue; we in Switzerland have an official register, the “Schulden- und Betreibungsregister”. Everything relevant (depts, or how many times you gotten a dept-enforcement or repo) is saved there… (Edit: and that register is correct, there’s not a single case in its 100year existance that there was a false entry. Every swiss company with swiss CEO uses this register. BUT)

Thanks to many companys having no clue about that, we also have private credit-agencys, like CRIF, Intrum Justizia and countless others. They are completly intransparent, evaluate you on estimates aso. Had to fix my CRIF- and Intrum-Score, because they, other than my name and address, had EVERYTHING wrong. Found that out, when a “future employer” told me I shall not be reliable as due to my bad CRIF-score, I shall be vulnerable for bribing…!!

Now, Revolut gonna ask these amateurs for a credit-check on mine, eventough I never applied for a credit NOR DO INTEND TO DO SO (and if they change the mastercard from prepaid to credit, I’m gone. Debit yes please, but no credit.)


With todays update, I gotten a new option in the Privacy-Settings; it simply states

“Zielgerichtetes Marketing.
Widerspruch gegen die Verwendung deiner Daten für gezielte Marketingkampagnen mit Werbeplattformen Dritter”
DeepL says:
“Targeted marketing.
Objection to the use of your data for targeted marketing campaigns with third-party advertising platforms”.

…does anybody knows if the selector’s activated (blue), if it means “I object to that”, or does it enable the targeted marketing?

(can anyone tell me the text of the english App-Version? I strongly suspect a translation-error in the german text)

Neither it’s clear in English.

Although it says “opt-out” and it’s switched on (blue) by default, nothing changes in the message if I switch it off.

My reading is blue = “targeted marketing enabled”.


That is correct, it’s current state that you show there is “on” / “enabled”. If you click on it it will slide left and go grey which means “off” / “disabled”

I came here wondering how to turn off this option after receiving the Privacy Policy email from Revolut yesterday. Funnily enough that option isn’t on my Privacy settings. I see Marketing emails + Marketing pushes + “Payments with friends”, but the Analytics section and the “Targeted marketing” option is missing for me. I’m in Ireland, don’t know if that is relevant

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check for app-updates, had several ones in the last few days…

The catch with the targeted marketing:
text says “opt out from using your data for targeted marketing …” - so “enabled” could as well mean “i opt out”…

Compare the text with the marketing-ones…
In German, it’s even more cryptic, as the german text is “neutral”…

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Hi Mike, yes I see what you mean now. That is ambiguous to say the least.
However…if the default is as per your screenshot (and I’m guessing it is), then that would surely mean that that you are “opted-in”, so switch it to grey would “opt-out”.

They would want everyone opt-in so that they maximise their revenue by selling our behavioural data.


FWIW I’m on the latest (Android) app version 6.14 from 22 Oct 2019 and that option is still not showing for me

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current version is 6.15, from yesterday… give google a few hours to publish it in your area, too

So as the option is again unclear, I asked the support which option I need to turn off and she said to me I can’t do that from my end, so she did it for me…

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why was my first assosiation “ok the backend seems to be much clearer than the frontend”? :wink:

I can change the option - but don’t know what setting i have to enable when i don’t want targeted marketing…
Well I guess I’ll wait some time with support then…

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Like you, I can change the setting, but due to the wording I am not sure which is the ‘Opt out’

Does blue mean: No targeted marketing, or
Does greyed out mean: No targeted marketing.

Could I request a plain English definitive answer in this forum, from a Revolut representative Please?

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Blue = it will targeted
Gray = it won`t

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This made it more unclear for me. What did support mean with “user cant do it themselves” ??? Very confusing. :jigsaw:

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I have sadly no idea :sweat_smile:

…any confirmed news about this?

It seems we are left alone in this forum. No staff checks posts anymore :-1: