Priority support, yeah right!

I’m a metal card customer and i’m shocked each time i talk to support.
Support person is always sending copy/message! Then they disappear for 5-10min.
Come back and send a generic message and disappear for another 5min or so…
Send another generic message without reading what i send in between, disappear another 5-7 min…
You see the pattern i guess. This is so annoying. And in the end they don’t help with anything.
I had maybe 1-2 cases where i actually got good help but most times i get terrible support like now with “Anj”.

I hope someone high up in the chain actually reads this and takes it into heart. Specially if you want paying customer to feel the premium for the Metal card. Right now i don’t feel all that much different from the regular card customer. I don’t actually think there is any different to be honest.

What is it you need to constantly rely on support for? There’s a lot of help here on the community.

At least support are responding, albeit not in a helpful manner.

Raise a complaint if you’re unhappy, or talk with your feet.

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You are missing the point!
The real issue is support being crap. Not actually focusing on the customer, providing subpar reply and help.
And when i needed the support today there were not “standard” answer which is why i contacted the support. But again i raise this since the support experience was very very bad, waiting 5min between each reply and not even reading what i said and giving irrelevant answers. Specially when Revolut claim you ger priority support.

I’m with @Carl_1460 on this.

If your explanations to support are as effective as your explanations here about your “problem” I can certainly understand the issue :wink:

You’ve been a member here long enough now to realise this is a user led community so I am suspicious about your real motives in posting this content.

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I can say the issue i was having but you are missing my point! When support takes 5min in between each reply its wasting my time and not actually helping.
And yes i been a member , that doesn’t mean i’m here all the time nor do i know who reads the forums ! This is the official feedback section so someone i hope reads this and makes sure feedback is actually taken into account for making the company improve.
If you can’t take negative feedback you never improve! You can attack me as much as you want, it don’t change the fact that people will get a lousy support experience.

@Graham_Lees What would my real motive be you think? making the support better perhaps?
I have had the same experience a few times. Its not as if i ask support on a daily basis but it happens.
And are you telling me no one from the forum talks to Revolut team? Does nothing here reach the company? this is their official site!

Anyway just for the sake of it i add what my problem was but again that is not the real issue! The problem as mentioned is support working with 10 cases at once. I even asked her to finish what she was doing so she could focus on my case when it’s my turn instead of keep disappearing after 1 reply! that is not much to ask when you wait your turn. Thin if you call someone and they keep saying wait between each sentence! Annoying right?!

So the issue was that i wanted to add an account to an exchange for money transfer. This is an account to and exchange (or rather a bank that works with the exchange).
So in Revolut transfer there are 2 options: “Send International” or “Bank recipient” and neither gave me the correct field to add the information i thought was needed. One didn’t even allow me to add IBAN number! SO that was the issue. I asked what name do i use! It asked for first and lastname where the exchange’s bank is a bank. Also there is no field for BIC or address or anything. I Wanted to make sure i did correct before sending.

I also rated the chat now so hopefully someone will read that atleast!

It’s no surprise that Revolut support agents deal with more than one customer at a time. Support would be too costly otherwise. I know, I know, you’re most likely going to repeat that you’d expect a more attentive service for being a Metal subscriber, but that’s the reality.

Here’s my way of dealing with support, and it proved to be convenient and successful.

I simply ignore it being a “chat”. I write everything that an agent probably needs to know for solving a problem, like writing an email instead of chatting. I don’t want this to be a back and forth thing. I want to provide as much information as possible before an agent even picks up my enquiry. I am also not waiting with the app open until someone responds. I move on to other things. So the time between responses isn’t really waisted.

Please understand that I do not want to argue with you about your experience with the support. I am not saying your criticism isn’t justified. I am sharing my experience and my approach in dealing with Revolut’s support, which worked well in the past. I am a long time Revolut customer, so my journey with their support is long as well. From seemingly silly and stupid newbie questions to tricky problems Revolut eventually wasn’t able to solve – I was able to handle communication with their support just fine.

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particularly when some waists are bigger than others :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

well it is Christmas :wink:

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They responded pretty quick IE same day so I’d say that’s good, though the quality is clearly disappointing for you.

If you share what your issues are here we may be better equipped to guide you.

To add. Support has always been good for me, responses and timing, even as a free member!

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Yes that is totally fine most times but when you are in a hurry its a pain in the A**. Plus i gave so much information + screenshots and everything but then i get a generic answer and question that i already answered.
But yes i get your point. That works in you can do things in between and have the time which is not always the case.
Plus i was not metal customer before and it was better support. I guess i expected a better experience when it explicitly says priority support…

Sure can try that also next time. Thanks!

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Not all support cases are equal. And specific things are handled by dedicated teams where regular support can’t advance your case. And you never know the current workload. Could have been that many premium customers with priory support contacted Revolut at the time. If total workload is high, waiting times for premium support is also longer.

That is no problem. But communication is key.
If support is busy or need info from another department they can simply say give me a few minute so i can talk to the right department.
Or just say i’m very busy please let me finish this or that and i will tend to your case.
I don’t mind the wait. The frustrating part is when they write one line and disappear for several minutes 5-7min at a time and you don’t know what is going on. So when that happens 5-6 times in a row it gets very annoying, specially when you are in a hurry and ask the support to finish what they do and focus on your case.

I think you get my point…

So was anyone here collaborating with Revolut at all or they never see what is goin on the forums?

ps.I really like Revolut and have got additional cards and promote it now so i do want it to grow and get better…

I fully agree, the support on Revolut is extremely poor. In my case I have an international transfer which is pending since several days now because the guy who was asking me KYC questions via the chat just disappeared leaving the chat open.
It seems I cannot open a new chat asking help as long as the old one is open. I am basically stuck until this guy come back from holiday…

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Try, this may speed up the process. They also have to report all complaints to their regulator, which may be an incentive to Revolut to improve the process in future.

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