Primary colour Card


With Monzo and now TransferWise both using very brightly coloured cards, is it not time that Revolut does something similar? These brightly coloured cards stand out and become a talking point!!


Just because other fintech banks are doing something, doesn’t necessarily mean that :r: has to be a trend-follower.

In addition, there’s a risk that the neon-style colour is being commoditised and therefore every card looks the same.


Rose Gold is not really a primary kinda colour me thinks!!


I vote for mirror cards. Temperature reactive cards. Metallic cards. I don’t have much money to put in it so I better have a good time with it :sweat_smile:


You said brightly coloured. Rose gold would suffice under that criteria.


Hahaha so true. That’s in my case as well, when I’m paying with my fancy rose gold card and people are thinking that I’m a suggar daddy. But the truth is that I have only 50€ on my account! :joy:


Artificial sweetener daddy it is then :smile:


I’m in better situation! :rocket: