Primary Account i PLN (Polski Zloty)


Having my primary account in 1000 PLN (zł) have I first exchange this amount to EURO or USD to pay throughout Europe; eg in Czech crowns?
Or justy leave those 1000 PLN zlotys and the payment system in the hotel itself will convert and take away from my PLN (polish zloty) the cash for the hotel in the Czech crown?


You can leave them and they will be converted :wink:

More info here:


great! thx :slight_smile:


But avoid DCC = Dynamic Currency Conversion! Always pay in local ccy otherwise you will not get the Revolut FX rate. In your case CZK. Maybe the hotel asks you want to pay in PLN or GBP pls dont - you will get a horrible FX rate…


Cards are recognized as British, so merchant can give you choice either GBP or local currency (PLN in Poland, CZK in Czech Republic, and so on)


I was never offered GBP but sometimes EUR even thought the local currency was CHF.


So it can mean that Revolut offers different cards for different countries. I live in Poland and traveled by Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia to Croatia. DCC has always offered me either GBP or local currency (PLN, CZK, EUR, HRK). To be honest DCC war offering me GBP in Poland and in Croatia.


I doubt the cards depend on the residence country (but I know nothing to confirm my claim).
I think that the way Revolut cards are recognised could have changed over time, so it would depend on when the customer order the card.

@AndreasK, could you please tell us something more about it?


Hi @xylarion,

There is no need to exchange beforehand as the card will automatically convert your funds to the local currency using our exchange rate.

Remember to choose to be charged in the local currency you’re spending. If the ATM (or card terminal) asks whether you would like to complete the transaction ‘with conversion’ or ‘without conversion’, you should ALWAYS choose ‘without conversion’.


Andreas K.