Pride Cards & Donations πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

I would like that too :slight_smile: for next year!

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Comeback in 2020:

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Does this mean there will be stock to replace damaged cards? Mine has been falling apart from day one. It gets lots of positive comments though!

Come on guys, I understand that you are trying to satisfy a group of people,
but second year same style.
Why do you left out the Vegan Society, PeTA, WWF, UNICEF, Red Cross, Greenpeace, DWOBorders?
Give people the freedom to support whatever they want.


Revolut, be progressive and offer Maestro cards for all who wants them (I want one).


Does it? Here it gets weird looks because it stands out so much - won’t use it as a result

The cards are literally free and make no money for any organisation, but I agree they should stop making them. Turning the LGBT community into a spectacle to be profited off will only have them never fully accepted like heterosexuals are

This is why I like to refer to the Morgan Freeman quote β€œI don’t want a black history month, black history is just American history. I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man and I’ll stop calling you a white man”

Same thing in this regards - treat LGBT people are like people and stop treating them like zoo animals to be flaunted in front of everyone and suddenly they can get on with their lives

I have one :wink:


It doesn’t matter if they are giving profit or not.
The supporting starts with advertisements and this card is one of them!
So, I have the same right to supports my β€œorganization” not as a specific non- profit but as a way of living.

It’s Revolut’s decision what they want to do.
If you want to support something else you can do that on your own.


That’s why I’m using revolut community to express my opinion.

Maybe a vote it would be nice or even better a customizable card!


can we also expect some pro-life themed cards since you are turning a payment card political ?

I’d like to see one :slight_smile:

Joking of course - I think it’s time we end the silly rhetoric in this thread

Revolut need to in the future not run these promotions

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Any news on Pride cards for 2020?

You can get it already (if not too late).

Heheh, no work Beacuse of corona

So this seems to be Β£4.99 delivery, if not on Premium. Also, does it have your name on the front? Very ugly, if so…

Judging by picture @luplcz posted name on the front indeed. I did not expected this. Last year it was on the back of the card.

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I’d say that last year it looked better. However this year it is a full debit card not a prepaid one.

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Hello sir, stupidly terminated my Pride Card is it possible to reactivate it? Because it is terminated I cannot link it in the app…

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