Pride Cards & Donations πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

I got my card in like 3 days after Revolut released them. :slight_smile: It’s really nice. I am considering to register my business for Rev. Business as well. Some opinions about business owners?

I think I’m going to decide when and where I’ll pay with the metal one and when with the PRIDE one!

Have a good one!


I think they’re nice, a subtle way to show recognition and it’s a cool design, better than the Standard card I normally have. My son is LGBT and thinks it’s really cool.


The LGBT community shouldn’t want recognition. Heterosexuals get no recognition :slight_smile: and they want to be accepted as hereto people are, right?

Not something I can argue with :man_shrugging: I still think it’s a waste of money though in regards to production costs :slight_smile:

My card keeps being rejected at merchants

@TamaraTammy: Did you make first purchase using chip&pin ?

I used it on an ATM successfully. Then tried at a store but this was the day when most R cards have had technical difficulties, but then again yesterday at a ticket machine which uses chip&pin. Rejected.

Contact R support via app. Tell them you have problems with card and ask to check decline reason(s). Maybe your card is defective and need replacing.

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Will do so, thank you

Ahem - You can only register with Revolut β€œOne Time”

CS on 30 July seemed to think more were coming

I haven’t tried them again

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Hello I just ordered a card but I don’t see the Rainbow one, how to have it ? Thanks.

It was an exclusive card, only 30.000 were made and they are all sold. You can’ t get it anymore.

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Yet, you ordered one for yourself. :sweat_smile:

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I don’t live in Poland, and it’s been in my drawer since I got it :wink:

What a waste of the card. :wink:

If it helps I planned on giving it to my girlfriend as Revolut wasn’t launched in her territory when the card was out (and she liked the design), but I couldn’t find it in the end so I left it at home…

If you like that design, there is a way to get similar :rainbow: card.

How can i get 1? Already do atΓ© to lgbt

Thanks for you answers. How we can have one so ?