Pride Cards & Donations πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

My standard card is much older. I just like the more visible text and the two tone design on the back, as well as the glittery white on the back as well.

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I Like that standard cards are embossed
Pride is a nice card but seems a little lower quality to me


I hate the embossed numbers. They show signs of wear very quickly, and also they are an archaic technology before magstripes and chips were invented. I’d rather just see them go and have the numbers printed more clearly on the back. Because you are right, it is horrible with the current Premium cards.


Finally arrived… :)))

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I actually love the embossing. I don’t like how it starts to disappear on newer cards. On the other hand - real credit cards mostly still have it.


I also dislike the embossing but I would rather not have all the details being put on the backside with boring designs like the premium cards’

I like details in backside (imo, makes it a bit secure).
But then I dont quite like that card number and cvc is on same side. Thats does not seem so secure.


My AmEx disagrees. They have the chrome coating and it sucks.

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My two AMEX cards are embossed. The new platinum card is like a Revolut Metal card with a plastic back. It does not suit AMEX well…

Anyway, as Apple Pay is available I’m not so concerned for any of my cards quality :crazy_face:


Apparently the new AmEx Metal cards feel a lot higher quality than the ones provided by Revolut

I still can’t justify like 600€ on a card though. It gives less points than the gold one for me and isn’t worth getting outside of London

I think the worth of an card is often measured with the service and insurances coming with it - and on that part AMEX is over the top.

Mine came with the corner peeling off a little.

Are there more of these cards expected in the near future?

When a second wave of pride cards will be available? I was late in the first game.
A dedicated batch for Premium and Metal users would be a great idea, even better with possibility to have a metal pride card

My corner is peeling of as well!

These were limited edition and done in a partnership with a charity purely for pride month

Personally I hope they never issue more of them again

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It was a nice way of getting Mastercard for those with VISA’s. Although I was under impression that rainbow cards are β€œnoname”. They are not.



I believe it undermines every LGBT person in existence when they’re turned into a marketing stunt - if you want them to truly feel accepted you need to ignore their sexuality etc entirely and just treat everyone as humans