Pride Cards & Donations 🏳️‍🌈

Received the same message today (Friday), but nothing was in my mailbox :frowning_face:.

Also today (Saturday) no card in my mailbox. In the app under the card image there is a link now, it says ‘Ik heb mijn kaart niet ontvangen’, in English that is ‘I did not receive my card’. But when I click the link nothing happens. Anybody has a clue what should have happened? Should a chat with support have opened?

Perhaps Revolut overestimated their ability to send 30k cards in time. :roll_eyes:

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It is always like that when they have promotions and high load of shipments, they just delays.

My card was supposedly posted on 2nd July for delivery by 12th July. Standard Delivery to UK.

When I now click on “I haven’t received my card” I get the following message.

If I do not receive my card by tomorrow, 16th July, should I remove it from my Apple Wallet and also delete the card from the :r: app?

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If you do so, you’ll not get a replacement for Pride I believe :slight_smile:

Ah ok, so that is what that link is supposed to do…When I click it nothing happens.

Yes. I’m aware of that :smiley:

Anyone else got this strange notification from Revolut? :
*Your Revolut card on its way! You can track the delivery progress under the “Cards” section.


yep, same. Clicking on “Card not delivered” does not trigger any action in my case (only screen blinks once).


I dont get, how can are we suppose to track anything with standart shipping. :grimacing:

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Maybe those cards were not send yet at all, maybe because of high number of orders. Maybe now those cards will be sent (by standard shipment). If all those cards must be shipped from Poland, our national post operator was overloaded. maybe, maybe…

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