Preventing access to contacts

My wife’s Revolut App has given access to her contacts without her permission. How do I reverse this and prevent it happening?

Ot depends of her OS, is it iOS or Android?

Android 5.1.1 at the moment.
Evidently Android 6 ( Marshmallow) will sometime soon be made available but I don’t know if that will fix it.

That is a bit contradicting :wink:

There is no permission request in the first place. If you install an application under Android you automatically accept whatever permission it requires. You need 6 to avoid that.

I take it you mean Android 6.
Well let’s hope so and that it is not much longer before it becomes available.

I do, but what do you mean by “becomes available”? Do you mean for your phone? If it hasnt yet, I’d doubt very much it will. Android 9 will be available soon.

Well I was told that Android 6 is being made available gradually when I spoke to a Samsung operative locally. He didn’t say it wasn’t going to happen, but he just didn’t know when.

Without knowing what exactly was said by whom and on what authority, it is difficult to give a definite statement but I believe you were told some fairy tale.

Any phone not already running Android 6 is relatively unlikely to be upgraded. Neither to 6 nor to any successor version. Android 8 has been out for close to a year, 9 is following soon.

Which phone are you using?

My wife’s phone is a Samsung Galaxy J3

The 2016 edition I presume

Did you buy it on the free market or via a carrier? Is it a European or US model? Some of them do have updates to 6 and 7, but my understanding would be these updates should be already available.

Yes it’s the Galaxy J3 2016 sm-fn320
It was originally an upgrade phone on the Talkmobile network, which has now migrated to Vodafone. So the phone came with the contract for data/phone/texts etc.

The next upgrade will not be available until January I think. So I’m hoping that if some already come with Android 6 the phone should be compatible.

Alright, so the European model. It seems updates were made available only for the US model. I am afraid it would seem unlikely you will get anything beyond Android 5. So it is either a new phone or you try your luck with one of the unofficial Android builds, like

I think there is not much you can do with Android 5.1.1. You are allowing contact access (and all other permissions app requires) during app installation. The option for revoking particular type of permission came with newer versions of Android OS (can’t recall now which one…)

This we have established already quite a while ago.

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