Premium Vs unlimited exchanges

Hi all,

I want to subscribe to Premium as I think that mathematically, you could get the £7/month by exchanging money from one currency to another at the right moment.

However, before doing that, I was wondering if there are any limits behind the “unlimited FX volumes”. For example, if the number of exchanges is limited per year, if the total amount of money to exchanged is capped, etc.

Looking forward to reading your answers


The limits are basically:

1). There is a maximum amount of forex changes one can perform ‘per day’. I cannot remember the exact number but I think it’s a maximum of about 7-10 separate transactions per day.

2). You’re limited by your own personal annual ‘top up limits’. So you’re able to exchange anything up to your annual limit. You have to negotiate with Revolut if you wish to raise the annual limit and show documentation to support the provenance of the funds etc.

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You might want to double check the T&Cs. I vaguely remember that they don’t allow to use Revolut as a trading platform. That was a while ago, so that might have changed. But its probably worth to check it before you’re running into trouble.

Thanks Doppjunat & Frank. I’ll double check the T&C just in case!

In the terms:

Section 19.1 Item AA:

It is not permitted to: use the Revolut Services to trade FX for speculative purposes or for FX arbitrage

Thanks Henrikbjorn - although I don’t see how a sample double exchange would systematically implies an FX trading!

If you are exchanging with the sole purpose of profitting then it is arbitrage (strictly speaking)