Premium - Trading and declaring gains for tax purposes

Hi I just discovered Trading in Revolut (Premium).

I acknowledge that I am the only one responsible for declaring my trading gains appropriately to my tax authorities.

My question is: what level of information will Revolut provide me with, at the end of the year, regarding my trading gains / losses /fees?

Usually banks in France provide an IFU (Imprimé Fiscal Unique) which details the gains to declare and where to put this info on the revenue declaration form.

Will Revolut provide me with something similar to an IFU at the end of the year?


Hi, any idea? How do I know at the end of the year, how much money I made and need to declare for tax purposes?

Following this topic, was wondering the same thing, I’m based in Italy.

There’s a report option in the app but currently it doesn’t work for me. You can also see all of your transaction in your account (in the traiding account).
It would be great if Revolut could be able to implement a professional statement option that you can download.
In the meantime, I’m having an Excel sheet where I pulled together all of the data :slight_smile:


If by any chance we would not be able to get a direct statement at least I hope we would be able to get a third party access and make us a statement that would be taken seriously

I was currently wanting to make a topic about this and was lucky to find this post, while I was doing my research about the taxes in my country Romania I got to find that every broker is supposed to send you a statement at the end of the year with the amounts you deposited, the amount of profit and loss, based on the amount of profit I make I will pay 10% a year, I tried to find out with customer support if I will get a statement that will prove my profit/loss and deposit, up so far I was not able to get a response, which is okay as I don’t need it yet but I would definitely like a response as no one would like to write a big excel sheet and not be taken serious by law

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There’s a monthly statement in your trader account where you can save it in pdf and shows the standard information ) that you can use to get the data. I alsu use an Exce to track it and check the transactions tab. It would be great to have more details an optuons for export the data, probably this function will be better later.

There is the confirmation of the trade that shows the trades made on a specific date but I never got to see a monthly statement, at least I’ve been trading for 2 months almost and I didn’t receive that, as well if you have many trades it will take a long time to evaluate everything


Can revolut issue an end of year statement with total gains and looses for the entire portfolio for tax declaration purposes? You need to be an accountant to declare to tax authorities with current statement. My tax authoritiy ask translation of the statements and sometimes they are 10-15 pages.

I only need:year, gains and losses. Simple on 1 page!

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