Premium support not responding + wrong card design delivered



I’m new to Revolut and moved to Premium since start to get 24/7 support.
As I was not able to withdraw money from ATM, I tried the support, but no response at all.

Additional to this, I chose one of Premium card designs, but standard card was delivered.

How can I get things right?


in app support? :joy: funny i know.


Any idea, how to get real support when needed, please? I ordered Premium to get 24/7 support, not a non-answering robot icon…


HI @parez,

I cannot see your in-app messages! Are you sure the messages have been delivered?

Regarding your card and the ATM attempts, I can see that you have ATM feature disabled.

Go Card settings so that you can enabled it from there, if you have set up a card limit make sure you’re within the limit.


Hello Andreas,

my message was in-app at 13:19, text: "Why can I not withdraw at ATM - tried 2 banks"
I was connected to the Internet all the time, so I do not know a reason, why it did not worked.

As you can see in my history, I found the limit later and was able to withdraw.
My point is: No support response at the moment, I needed it urgently.
So my question:
How to ensure, that the support respond immediately in the future?

Thank you & regards, Pavel


Could you please upload here a screenshot of your chat history so I can take a closer look?


Here it is:


Hey Parez, two things: this little red thing on the right edge that is cropped in the screen shot seems to be a notification about a failed delivery. And second: Rita is a bot! When she / he / it can’t help you, you are usually offered to be forwarded to a live agent. You can speed that up by typing in “live agent”. I guess there were connection issues when you tried to contact support.


Thank you very much, this seems to be an explanation.
I’ll remember your hint with “live agent” in case I need support again.


@Frank is right :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you need help!