Premium subscription question ? help


Hello , i am hoping a member of staff can help me out .
I am new to revolut and need some assistance ,
I am trying to top up my account using a debit card for the second time , this time with a larger sum of money but i am getting a limit of £250 daily ?? , i need the limit removed .
I even signed up to premium service believing the limit would be removed but it is not .

can a member of staff get back to me asap , thank you


You will need to use the card a few times before the card limit is raised. This is a security measure that can’t be removed by an agent.

Have you already verified your ID documents? If so, make a bank transfer to your account and there is no limit.


sorry when you saw a few how much times approx ? ( your own experience)
as i prefer to use my card to top up



Hi there.

For newly added cards, most of our users will have a top-up limit between £1000-£3000 (or currency equivalent) per 24 hours. Some users may find they have a lower daily limit to begin with, however, your daily top-up limits will increase over time. We suggest:

Try and top-up your desired amount. If the amount is over your top-up allowance, you will receive a pop up message notifying you of the daily limit for that card and how much you can top-up today. If you wish to top-up more than your daily limit, you can use another debit or credit card, alternatively top-up via bank transfer. Unfortunately for security reasons we cannot provide the specific details around how your top-up limits are calculated.


Andreas K.


Thank you for this response i have chose an alternative as you have mentioned .