Premium Subscription Ideas


Any idea when Revolut will add some value to the Premium proposition?

The current offer is not worth the upgrade at all. I think they should really consider the following upgrades:

  • chargeback option in case of fraud (mandatory)
  • retail discounts from leading online clothing stores
  • special priveleges according to user status (the more you use Revolut cards to purchase, the more priveleges you unlock)
  • free spotify premium subscription
  • family savings management for joint accounts

Given that an increasing number of frequent business travellers are using Revolut, why don’t you offer them more experience-based benefits during work-related trips, such as:

  • priority pass with main european airlines from each country
  • partnership with frequent traveller programs
  • access to spas, top restaurants and cultural events
  • concierge services


Hey there! All great ideas that we will certainly pass onto the team. Thank you for the feedback! One thing to mention, all of our users have chargeback rights, this is not just limited to Premium.


Great, thank you for getting back