Premium: struggling to increase top-up limit

Being self-employed I’ve been struggling to have the top-up limit increased for 4 days already. There seems to be 2 issues here:

  1. Even though it is my wife who wants to send me her money from her Revo account, even after providing her yearly salary statement and savings accounts slips from the originating bank - still my own limit blocks the transfer. As Carmelo explains, the idea behind is to check identity and prove the source of money is legit. Well, unclear how my wife’s salary and proof of savings not enough proof.

  2. Assuming the transfer to top up my limit would have been from elsewhere (not my wife), it might be fair to ask for proof of my income to increase the limit. At first the support asked the yearly tax return to be able to scrutinize the income and deduce the salary. Doesnt it sound weird (to put it mildly) - having to disclose all our family belongings and other sensitive information, to get the top-up limit increased? No bank in the Netherlands or Switzerland ever asked for it and such claims might even be illegal.

After some talks, it turned out sending the past 3 months of client invoices and bank slips proving the invoices were paid was enough. Strange enough, as I sent all these - turned out it actually is not enough and Revo wants to see full bank statements for the past 3 months, meaning not only the income from the invoices, but all sorts of other things I’m paying for via this account. Again, smells like violation of privacy and the obvious question is how my grocery spending is helping to determine the annual income?

I’m confused and still talking to support. Raising the top-up limit proved to be an exciting past time, even for a Premium account.

To be honest the fact that the counterpart is or isn’t your wife is not important here : she was able to proove here salary : perfect !

But you did not prove what service/goods/bills… you did provide to her to received her money.

The ‘services’ I provide to my wife would rather not be disclosed to public, not that these ‘services’ are explicitly paid anyway. It is an intra-family transfer from 1 Revo to another Revo just to exchange money into a different currency with my Premium account which is more economical than making 2 Premium accounts. I feel sad for those who truly believe one has to provide tonns of irrelevant paperwork for their spouse to be able to send them money. After all, what if I had no income at all - is it a reason to prohibit my wife sending me cash?

Nevertheless, if one reads the post carefully, it would become clear that I also sent the business invoices and corresponding bank statements to prove they were paid. A support assistant told me it was sufficient, yet after I uploaded - changed his mind. In the end, it took 5 days to get the limit increased to a reasonable value and is now resolved which I’m happy about because the FX moved in our direction almost 0.5%

I know it can seems strange, mainly because in more and more countries we tend to fill one tax declaration per family and not per person, but you and your wife are 2 different persons and you can’t freely exchange money as you wish…

Happy :r: manage to increase your top up :slight_smile: