Premium service - travel insurance? credit?

I am trying to get a hold of somebody (not a robot!) to get some questions answered. The phone number is automated and only tells me that I can block my card…

Hoping to get some answers here…

I’m interested in the premium product because 1) I need 12 months of travel/health insurance 2) I need a bank account and opening one in Cork is impossible it appears 3) Ideally I’d like to get an Irish credit card.

I am a Canadian, I’m applying for a 2 year IEC/working holiday visa and need to prove 12 months of travel health insurance. As a non-Irish citizen, would the travel insurance provided by the Premium service cover me? Also, seeing as how it seems to be near impossible to get customer support, would I be able to get a letter/document proving that I have 12 months of coverage?

Does the Premium product offer a credit card? It is important that I begin to establish some kind of Irish credit and a pre-paid visa/mastercard as far as I know does not do that. Is there a secured CC option available?

Is it possible to transfer CAD to EUR? I saw that Eur to CAD is possible but the online demo didn’t offer a CAD - EUR option for the fee-free fX services offered with the Premium service.

Really hope Rita finds someone real to answer these questions :slight_smile:

Thanks, hope to hear from someone soon!!

If you want contact with live agent just type live agent in the chat window.
Yes, it is possible to convert CAD into EUR
No, revolut does not offer credit card at this moment.
BTW. I am not sure if you can apply for revolut account if you aren’t EEA citizen…

Two thoughts:

You are in kind of a catch 22 situation. For opening a Revolut account, you need proof that you are a legal resident of a EEA country. Your Visa would be sufficient, but you do not have that yet, right?

The travel insurance does not cover long term stays like working 12 months abroad. It is only for short term trips.

For many of your other questions about the product, the FAQs should be an interesting read.



Hi Frank,

Yes-- I seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. I need to prove 12 months of insurance coverage to get the visa, and I need to get the visa to prove residency >.<

I was told that Revolut may be a solution to my banking woes abroad but it seems that it might not be all that different from a regular bank after all (for non-eu residents at least) . I seem to be having trouble getting someone to confirm whether or not they mean someone living in ireland/EU or a permanent resident in immigration terms when they say ‘resident of EU’.

The FAQ doesn’t answer any specifics about the insurance policy, I’ve tried to find the T&Cs for the insurance policy specifically but have only been directed to the general T&Cs of the app usage.

To be honest, even if the premium service is an option the customer support aspect of my initial experience is making me question whether or not this is a good idea. I finally did get someone on livechat but they don’t seem to be able to answer my question around how they define ‘resident of EU’, or the questions I have about the insurance. They keep insisting I verify my id before I move forward, but all I want to do is get a clear idea of what I’m getting myself into before I offer up my personal details (which I don’t think is an unreasonable request).

Can someone please confirm what qualifies as a ‘resident of EEA’?

Thanks for the responses!


Resident of EEA means a person that is legally allowed to live in the European Economic Area. For that you need a Visa. Most often this would be a work visa, or a visa that allows you to go to school or similar.

Basically EEA is the European Union with a few additional contries such as Swiss.

You are correct (currently) but as Revolut expands to other countries like the USA you will get the same benefits for using Revolut as we currently do in the EU.

For insurance i would just go to one of the big players. Then you can get your Visa and after that a Revolut account.


That is mentioned in the FAQs. Visas are fine. “Residency” is important, not citizenship. If you’re verifying your ID with a passport issued by a country outside of the EEA, you can then add additional documents like a work or student visa. The visa needs to be valid for at least 3 month from the moment on you’re applying. (At least this is what I remember about it.)

If you’ve found the FAQ section about travel insurance, the T&Cs of all offerings are also linked there :wink: – but it’s not a working visa health insurance, it’s just for your average vacation.