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I was wondering if anybody else had this sort of experience. I’ve only had the account a couple of days and besides sheer stupidity I was compelled to opt for the premium service due to the travel insurance and the priority support that was advertised (I abhore waiting on the line just to get a simple answer).

Apparently though delivering on those promises is really not in the company policy.

Claims that have proved to be false so far:

  1. credit card will be delivered in up to three days - didn’t happen
  2. priority support - 50 minutes of waiting with no resolution, after waiting for 40 minutes I get picked up by a Live Agent that tells me to wait so he can check on the issue, after a 10 minutes I get a copy paste from the F.A.Q.

Now the delay in delivery is a one time thing and the support, while recurring it isn’t exactly quantifiable so thus unenforceable if a cancellation were to arise.

What I’d really like to find out is if they make good on any of the other claims in regards to the premium service.

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Hi there! I also have a premium account for one year, and the user suport chat is not working properly. Anybody answer me after several hours. This is very frustrating. I start my travel tomorrow but my revolut premium account finished yesterday but has not been renewed automatically. I need to use my revolut and also the insurance!
@AndreasK, you always have the answer. Can you help us???



Sorry to hear about that mate, hope it gets fixed. I wasn’t able to get any information out of them and right now they are busy delivering metal cards so nobody’s answering.

Problem is I have to re-order mine but the application glitched and I can’t do that aaaand since there is no customer support I’m basically stuck with revolut syphoning money out of my bank account with nothing to show for it.

What’s curious is that the general feedback out there is really good and I have no idea why since the service is pretty miserable (from what I gathered after reading these forums at least).



Well the most voices you will hear are from those who have problems, because most people don’t register on a forum just to say that they are happy. And here aren’t that much complains if you keep in mind that they have over 2 million user :smile:



The support have been lacking a bit and they have also admitted to having problems scaling their support with the user base. However i believe they are working on it.

The priority is indeed true. But with the new subscription there is an additional layer. So now Metal users will have highest priority.

I have been a premium since the start and other than having a more prettier card and early access to crypto i have not used the other features. Which is mostly since i have not had the need for insurance.

Is it worth the money? It depends. For me it is. I like their service and paying for it seems like the natural thing to do, especially when it comes to money. It is no different from paying for my mastercard every year.

Is the value better now? Yes. With the delayed travel and baggage addition to the insurance it starts to compete in price and features with my normal travel insurance, and I am seriously thinking about cancelling that.

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They have been working on it since months, if not years, though.

Fair enough, that is certainly a decision everyone has to make individually. I am not a premium member, though might have to sign up at some point. Personally I find it a bit expensive for what it offers. And here I am not even referring to the state of support yet.

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HUH !!! Nice especially if you’re in the middle of No where with an ATM problem, and your battery is at 20%.
If I’m gonna pay £6-7 a month I want any problems resolved within minutes,

Bugger that, I’ll stick to my standard card.



Or you could switch to Metal for super-duper top-of-the-line support :wink:



You mean the one around the corner? That one, right? :wink:



…after posting a simple question.

Well, firstly, I read a lot of questions and complaints frequently. Classics are:
– My money still didn’t arrive! (reference number wasn’t used or 30.000+$ were transfered – maybe even without having verified the account)
– New phone, no access to old number, support not reactivated
– Going to XYZ will my card work?

These are FAQ questions. So depending on the question I think it isn’t necessarily a wonder to get a link to those FAQs. What was yours?

Further, I was a Free user for 2-3 month (support was good and helpful, never waited very long) and I am a Premium user for another 3 month now. Support is still very good. Many things I read in the community. That’s helping a lot. Many experienced user are in here.

I love the disposable virtual cards as well as the vault.

The only thing bothering me: since the cards are issued in UK and I am German some services refuse to accept them (Spotify e.g.). Same with vendors/services that do not accept prepaid cards.

All in all I pretty much love :r: so far. However, I see that some people seem to have really frustrating times.

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If you’ve got a relatively new Premium card, this might work now. It works for people with iTunes.

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I expect to get immediate support adjust like Amex.



I’m afraid you may be in the wrong place :roll_eyes:

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Use PP to pay for Spotify. Then it works with the :r: card

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Hi Yakushi,
How do you get th ‘R’ (Revolut) symbol in a post?



Search “R” in the emoji tab :r: or write : r : without the spaces :smile:

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Thank you.:r: found it.