Premium Plan deactivation


Hello…A few hours ago searching through the application I accidentally activated the premium plan. I immediately spoke with in app support and told them to turn it off. They just did it to me and they told me it was off and I would not be charged for it, but this morning I saw they charged my card for 7.99 € for a month premium plan.
Maybe @AndreasK can help me with this.



Hi Thomas,

I believe I can help :slight_smile:

Can you drop me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Andreas K.


Of course Andreas…


Sorry but i can’t send direct message.



Hey @Thomas_k :slight_smile:

You should probably erase your last post, as it is public and you are revealing your phone number online :slight_smile:


Thank’s Juliopp i know it but i want to contact directly with AndreasK and i can’t send him a direct message.


Hey again @Thomas_k :slight_smile:

You’re currently registered as a “new user”. As you have made your first post already, you will become a “member” when the community refreshes (a little bit after midnight). Until then, you are not able to initiate a private conversation, so you’ll have to wait for @AndreasK to PM you :wink:


Ok Juliopp thank’s for the information.



I have sent you a direct message. Please delete your post :slight_smile: