Premium membership card


So upgraded to Premium today, one of the features is the new card design. So I tried to select this but nothing seemed to register. Contacted support, forced it to get a human and he gave me 3 different and wrong suggestions. The final one was go and add a card. Well that does not work as I already have 2 and I cannot get past that. So has anyone got a premium design card or is this just smoke and mirrors. If you do how?


Hey @sallylillian :slight_smile:

Ordering a new card will allow you to order a premium card, but as far as I know, you can only hold 2 physical cards at the same time. I believe cancelling one of them and then ordering a premium one should do the trick :wink:


Excactly, that is how it works.


Well there’s the rub I have 3 cards, they sent me a free one as a gift for something or other a few weeks back, and the guy on support gave me 3 different solutions before this one, none of which worked so I am sceptical, I did not want to go cancelling cards to find that this solution was just another wrong plan! So have either of you actually achieved a new design Premium card this way?


I already confirmed what @Juliopp wrote. :wink: Revolut is sending out premium cards for over 8 months now.