Premium Mastercard Transaction not showing up (yet?)

first off: I’m new to Credit Cards and how they work… I hope that my question is not totally dumb or obvious. :sweat_smile:

Yesterday evening I used the Premium Mastercard to pay for groceries with contactless payment. The payment was approved (I kept the slip), but has not shown up in the app as of now.
Is this normal? Should I contact support because something went wrong?

This is my second payment using the Mastercard (first one was with PIN and showed up immediately). I was used to all payments showing up within minutes with the VISA card.
Logging out and back into the app did not help.

the transaction must have happened offline. this can also lead to negative balances but afaik Revolut won’t charge an overdraft… “just” ask you to top-up quickly

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Hm, I thought about that possibility, but was unsure if contactless payments even work offline. Recent VISA payments at the same store all were online. :thinking:

So, to give an update: What @alejandro.mery said was correct, it showed up today as “Delayed transaction from 6. June”. :ok_hand:

Another purchase today was also done offline. Interesting to see that the grocery store treats VISA and Mastercard differently.

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I have the same problem.

my MC transactions are never showing immediately. always a few days later as a delayed transaction

my VISA transactions (same shop, same terminal) always shows up in the app immediately.

why is that? Because od that, the daily budget feature is useless if you use MasterCard

I can only guess that it is cheaper for the shop to treat all Mastercards (not only from Revolut) as offline payment and collectively “enter” them into the online system at the end of the week.
Its just the way the store decided to implement their payment system…

Personally, I just use the VISA in this particular grocery store.

Today I had to pay twice in the supermarket because the cashier forgot to scan an item at the first time… so only a few seconds delay… the first payment appeared immediately in the :r: app, the 2nd one is still missing … after 1 1/2 hours… I am sure it will appear as delayed transaction tomorrow. No idea what’s causing the delay… maybe the amount (€ 0,99)?