Premium MasterCard Ordered but Never Posted

Booked already 2nd time my revolut premium mastercard, the 3 step meter stays blocked on ordered and it’s now past the posted dated too. Is there any “Exclusive priority 24/7 customer support” or just the bot? Checking who can look into this, thanks.

Type “Live agent” to talk with real person :slight_smile:

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haha thanks redi, was not aware of that :slight_smile:

I can see you’ve ordered a new card!

I did order a new card because the first one, was showing “ordered” but never “posted” … hope this new one is posted today, please make sure everything is in order and advise, I need it asap.

Yesterday was trying to reach live agent and waited for more than 1hr! Although was told will wait 20 mins. I just got revolut, even convinced 3 other members of my family. I was even charged today for Premium (I don’t mind) but was told this will be done after first month free trial. Till now, not impressed. Still hoping to change my opinion, I want to make this work. Thanks.

I do understand. Sorry about this, definitely not the kind of service we strive to provide. Please contact me tomorrow so I can give you the tracking number of your order.

Awesome, thanks a lot.

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Exactly the same thing happened to me, however with the standard card. I ordered the card and waited for some weeks but did not receive it. I contacted support and ordered it again. Nothing this time as well. I gave up eventually as both ordered cards did not arrive. Fortunately I signed up for the Visa Beta program and got a card this way.

My card supposed to be posted today and expected to arrive monday 15th Jan… and should really be on Monday, max tuesday.

But isn’t yet posted and is already 4:40 PM in UK… and the card has to travel 11000km and I’m traveling around/ leaving on Tuesday for the next destination.

How can I be sure about this? :smiley: Was ordered yesterday…