Premium Loophole

Hiya guys,

I’m going to do the 1 month trial for the premium service and I was about to order my physical master card for it, but £5 for the card + £5 for delivery is the same as if I go premium. I get free delivery, the card is contactless, but then I get charged £10 for the card if I cancel after the month? Has anyone tried this? Seem more worthwhile to get a contactless card…

Hey @tj_hudson :slight_smile:

All of :r: cards are contactless and both the standard and the premium will work with the premium account. No real difference apart from the exclusive design.

Correct. The loophole would be sending free expedited cards with a free trial that people could cancel freely: everyone would subscribe to the trial and then cancel to get the free shipping :wink:

Keep in mind the premium card, according to the TOS, will stop working if the premium status is lost :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah sweet, that’s what I couldn’t find in the T&C’s. Awesome mate, thanks!

Hey @tj_hudson :slight_smile:

It’s written in a more clear way here: