Premium features or lack of


Revolut seem to be expanding, this is fantastic. The company is growing. I recently received an email telling me about the Irish launch and offering free cards to new customers. Great stuff.

However I feel like not enough is being done for the premium members. Or maybe it’s just me.

I pay my premium fee each month and I’m really thinking of cancelling. Revolut are expanding, gaining more customers and making more money for stakeholders.

But still months later premium members seem to be getting no offers or additional benifts, the offers section of the app remains blank. Other features included in the plan still are not available.

I see that anytime a question is asked the reply is we’re working on it and hopefully will be launched soon.

Maybe don’t add a feature to the app unless it’s actually ready to be used.

I completely understand that to offer these features and services revolut need a large customer base and that’s the main focus at the moment but don’t forget about your existing customers paying every month!

For me the limit on ATM transactions, the premium card, the 24 customer service is not worth the fee. It is convenient when I travel but lots of other options on the market.

End rant.


I fully agree to this post


And I also have to agree to this post.