Premium : Downgrade / Upgraade


I am having issues to understand the issue with premium. No enough information is available in terms of upgrade/downgrade.

  1. If you decide to upgrade to premium for the first time while signing up, you start paying the monthly amount. If you order a “Premium card” and then cancel within 14 days, you have to pay additionally 10 GBP right? That’s in addition to the monthly fee?

  2. Can you decide to downgrade after 1 month and before the start of the new month as long as its a monthly payment? T&C of use have contradictory saying. At a certain stage, they say you are anyway engaged for an annual subscription even paying monthly, and at another level it says you can downgrade it anyway before the start of the new period.

I would appreciate clarifications about this,

Thank you!

The monthly payment is just to pay it in instalments rather than all upfront and gives you the option to cancel it altogether for a cancellation fee of 14 pounds. Otherwise it is the same and still a yearly contract.

The first time you sign up for a premium account you have 14 days in which you can cancel it for free, however you will still have to pay for premium services you used during that time (a premium card for example).

Hi Alessandro,

Thanks for your answer. Do you know if the card is also cancelled? And you have to order an new card or what exactly happens to your actual card?

Thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

I think it is not, also because you need to pay for it anyhow if you cancel, but @AndreasK or @anon71086934 should be able to give you a definite answer.

Thanks! Do you once they get mentioned, they get an notification to answer, right?

They do, but Andreas seems to work only during the week, Jessica seems to have the weekend shifts, but it can still take a while :). If you dont get a message by Monday, drop Andreas a private message.

Alright, thanks Alessandro! Your help is really appreciated :slight_smile: :smile:

You can continue to use your Premium card as a Standard user until it expires. :slight_smile:

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your answer. So I can select the premium and if I see no use of the premium for me, I have 14 days to change my mind. Then am billed the equivalent of 10 GBP but do you add to it the 6.99 GBP service for the full month as well? Or just the 10 GBP?



My understanding is that it is in addition, but @anon71086934 can clarify this if I am wrong.

The £10 fee is charged (in addition to the base monthly fee of £6.99) to prevent individuals from signing up only to get the Premium Card and then cancelling afterwards.

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I’d have assumed the monthly fee would be refunded if you decide to cancel during the trial period.


I am new and my situation is similar. I would like to make a single transfer and exchange from Euro to Pound for my UK college tuition fees, thus exceeding the 6000€ monthly limit for standard users. Does anyone know if I will be charged the 0.5% fee for this if I cancel my premium within the first 14 days? And if so, would it be possible to pay for one month of premium, make the exchange and cancel after 15 days, and thus just pay for one month plus cancellation fee?

Thanks in advance!