Premium Cards


Probably this has been asked many times

But, when will Revolut start issuing Metal cards and what kind of metal cards would it be?

And when will the cards of Revolut become Debit.
It is a thing as it make a big difference.

Uber does not accept prepaid cards in NL no virtual nothing!
Ryanair and Easyjet recognize the card as prepaid so I pay more then if it is a debit card.
Some subscriptions refuse the card so I need to use my other card.


No further news in regards to metal cards, but I assume it is still on the pipeline. It will probably come after :r: gains its Mastercard Principal Membership (given how it wouldn’t make sense to have an expensive metal card remain as a pre-paid Wirecard-issued card.).

No updates as to this, but it’s coming.



I hope it will be something we have in 2017. And not to wait another year for this


How about to make premium member cards metal to show the actual premium class rather than that very thin plastic one? :slight_smile: