Premium card quality

I was quite looking forward to receiving. Love the simplicity. But, I’m sorry to say, card doesn’t feel premium in hand. It feels papery and cheap. Or fake if i dare say. Anyway material can be improved?


Totally agree with this :+1:



And I’d like the card number and expiration date in front embossed. Even if breaks the design a bit.

I’ve got some weird eyes yesterday when paying with my black card… and questions.

And cards (both premium and standard) are so thin…


Why would you like embossed?
Embossed makes the card thicker and there will fit less cards in my Securid.

I agree about the quality of the card, I think the premium one should be a think metal material just like the American Express black centurion card. Now thats looks amazing!


I don’t disagree about the design language and the effort gone into it. It could be improved but it’s not bad at all. It’s the feel in hand that is not nice. So, yes, as others said, the materials need changing.

Though the same when i got the black card with the silver strip. It will take no time before my name etc. on the cards backside is worn off. Also the black isn’t “even”, it have some light spots.

The standard (my friend have one) is very good quality.

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Thank you all for your feedback. Exciting things are coming soon :wink:

Stay tuned!


I have used a black with silver premium card for about 6 months. Sadly, the card number and valid to date is not visible at all now :frowning: If I need to enter card information I need to go to the app.
But no one can quickly photograph my card number now. Looks like a security feature :smiley: