Premium card not arrived

Hi there,
I need some help, please! I ordered my card last week, Premium…supose to arrived in 3 days, not arrived yet after 8 days. I tried to call on their contact number, but it’s a robot, only for lost or stlen cards…I dont think this is my case, maybe it’s only delayed or they forgot to send … Can anybody tell me how to contact them? How to find out what happened with my card? Many thanks!

When did you order it last week? Did you get a tracking number? Contact their support and they should be able to figure out what happened. Just make sure to type “live agent” to skip the chatbot.

Hi Alessandro,

Thank you for your reply! My card was ordered on the 4th of April. I will try to find tracking number, but how do I contact their support?


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In that case it really should have already arrived.

You can contact their support through the chat within the application, make sure to type “live agent” to skip the chatbot. Alternatively you could also message @AndreasK, maybe he can dig out a tracking number.

Hi there. As I can you have ordered a physical card and two virtual cards on the 12th of April. Please note, express delivery can take up to 3 working days.