Premium card missing?


Hi all,

Recently signed up to Revolut premium, ordered a premium card and the basic free one
It says the premium one has been delivered, and the free one is on its way. The free one has been delivered, and the premium one has not been posted.

When I try to order a new card it says I have too many now, it seems to think I should have received the premium one too.

What Can I do to get the premium card? I’m going on holiday soon and would like it before then.

Thanks for any help!


Hey @Biffer :slight_smile:

Did you get in touch with the in-app support team regarding this matter?

You can do so by going to the More tab of the app, clicking Support, then live chat and typing live agent :wink:


HEy there,
I’m on iOS, when I click more I can only see chat to the support bot :frowning:




It is ok, and exactly in this place write live agent down


I also have similar problem. I order one standard Visa card and one premium MC card. Which should be delivered on 2nd July. I received my standard Visa card on 4th July. I talked in app support for Premium card. Replied it’s already posted by DHL. I will receive it shortly. 5th July I talked again and this time replied, there is some issues with card manufacturers. It will be delay. Today I got msg it’s on the way for delivery. I asked for tracking number. I got the same tracking number which was given me for the Visa card. (Which already delivered).
Now no one knows where is my card.


I got my standard Visa card with this.


Now again I got same tracking number for my premium MC card.


I have spoken with them too. In my case there wasn’t tracking info in the app, and they (support) have told me that because of huge demand there is delay but my card is printed. After two days card arrived, still without tracking info.


I got my card today. It’s actually posted 6th of July. The worst thing is that they didn’t provide any contact details ( mobile number or email ) to DHL. So the parcel went back once. I have to reschedule the delivery and wait outside for more than one hour as they can’t deliver it without my signature.