Premium Card Design



I’m new to Revolut and just transferred a bit of money to my revolut account, and I’m planning to order a plastic card.

I would like to have that premium design, but not the premium membership, is there a way to pay a little extra for the premium design?

I thought that I could use the free trial month, order a card and then cancel the membership for 10 pounds (or the equivalent in euros?) , is it allowed or has anyone done this already?


Hey @tchaps :slight_smile:

I think @AndreasK mentioned someday the card would still work :wink:


you can’t use the premium card if you are not premium, if you order it then cancel your card won’t work after


Oh really? I have ordered a premium plastic already, so if I would cancel in a few days it would not work anymore??


Yes, the premium card only works if you have a premium account.


But what if I have a premium membership for 12 months and use a premium card, but dont renew, would the card become inactive also?


Yes, the card would also become inactive if you don’t renew the premium subscription.