Premium Card ATM access fees in the UK


Hi All,

I’ve just had quite the odd experience using the new premium card and trying to withdraw cash from a CashZone atm in the uk and in Coventry Building Society ATMs. The premium card charges a £1.99 access fee from those ATM’s and its not supported by a large coventry building society machines. When I use the standard revolution card which is using the old provider paysafe I have no issues anywhere. This seems to be a issue with worldsafe cards. Seriously what is the point on even using the premium card if its going to cost me more to use the damn thing.


Might be a Wirecard thing. Their new Mastercard partner is Wirecard and not Paysafe. Wirecard is a German company, whereas Paysafe is a UK company.

Best message Revolut on Twitter and ask.


That may explain why I keep seeing the conversion to gbp every time I try and withdraw cash. Seems pretty crap really


Not seen this issue with the standard ATMs. Barclays, NatWest, HSBC UK, Santander …


I’ve just had the same experience with Bank Machine Ltd. ATM. Tried to withdraw £30 and Revolut showed £31.99 in the statement.


I have a normal card, but it is being perceived as foreign by the Natwest ATM, and I was charged 1.99£ to withdraw money in an ATM which is generally free (when I use any other card).


Doesn’t sound like normal operation to me.



Hey! I can take a closer look into your account and find out what’s happened! Can you reach me out via DM @larevo?


Had the same issue. Cashzone ATM (Waterloo Station, London) - that’s what’s on the receipt:

” Withdrawal: 100 £
Acces fee: 1.99 £
Total ATM: 101.99 £ ”

In the app: ” Cash at Waterloo Station 101.99 £ ”


Hi @Barnaba. This wasn’t a fee applied by Revolut, as you are still within the free monthly withdrawal limit.