Premium - card and investment spot

Following registration for premium.

How do we select our premium card.

How do we know if we are in the top 5000 for the investment opportunity

Many thanks

For anyone interested. You can get a premium card by clicking add new physical card following signing up to premium.

Revolut are currently unable to tell you if you’re in the top 5k users for a secured place in the investment round

If you have signed up for premium you should be good. According to the website there are 4750 spots left.

Thanks yeah I saw this :wink: just wanted to know my personal number :slight_smile:

Ah okay. Yeah well that might not be so easy to obtain.

Maybe they’ll send out an email to all the premium members before the investment round starts.

Also would like to know if investors in the Crowdcube round will be able to exercise their pre-emption rights prior to the Seedrs round. Thx

I think they should and they will be able to. Just wait for any announcement from :r: regarding the new funding rounds

well, the recent resolution passed by Revolut and sent to retail investors make me fear the opposite. Would be great to get clarification from Revolut here. cc @anon33247966

First 5000 people to sign up to premium will get a priority access to our next equity crowdfunding round, before we open up to other Revolut users and public.

@Lapi can you provide some details for interest sake

Thanks @anon33247966 , what about Revolut retail investors who invested via Crowdcube. They should have priority access over the first 5000 people to sign premium as they have pre-emption rights. Am I missing a point here?

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