Premium - cancellation protection (insurance)



On many regular bank cards (in Sweden) you get an extra insurance if you pay the majority of a trip on the card. This might be something for Revolut premium (or even regular users).

Insurance usually covers:

  • Cancellation protection – if you have to cancel your trip
    due to illness or accident, we will provide compensation
    for the costs that you are unable to recoup from your
    tour operator.

  • If at least half of the travelling time is affected due to
    illness, you can receive compensation commensurate
    with the cost of the whole trip.

  • If, due to an accident, you arrive too late for a journey
    that has been booked and paid for in advance, we will
    pay the cost involved in making up the difference.

  • You may receive some compensation if your luggage fails
    to turn up at your destination on time.

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