Premium Cancellation Fee Justification



I am looking for someone who can justify the £14 premium cancellation fee, Revolut charges it’s customers since 12/12/2017. I have been in contact with a representative from the support team who has only been able to provide me with the following response, and i quote;

‘Daniel, I am afraid that none of our managers will provide any justification for the cancellation fee, it is simply our policy which you have agreed.’

From my perspective this is either a lazy response, in order to get rid of me, or pure incompetence sheltered by ignorance. I have also requested to be put into contact with someone who can be able to provide me with this justification, albeit my request has been ignored, and no replied given.

I understand i have agreed to this when applying to Premium, although that doesn’t justify it in any way. This fee puts me in a position where it makes me reconsider ever applying for premium again.

I want you guys to consider, that if there were no cancellation fee - i was more than happy to apply again in the future for a longer term. I’m also looking to hear feedback from the community on what they think about this matter.

I don’t want to post the whole conversation here, but I am able to provide it by request.

Thanks in advance.


So you agreed then but you don’t agree anymore. And all this is Revolut’s fault…


There are two occasions where there is a fee when cancelling:

When cancelling during the 14 days try out: they might ask for a reimbursement of premium services one has used (something that wouldn’t have been free without premium subscription, for example).

When cancelling after try out, there is the fee you’re talking about. Since it is a legally binding annual contract, the simplest reason for the fee would be compensation for the loss.


They need to justify their charges - it’s not about the agreement.


Why would they need to justify anything of that sort in your opinion?

You signed up for a yearly service but now want to quit that prematurely and ask them for a justification?


I signed for a monthly subscription. Not a yearly one


No, you signed a yearly contract with monthly payments. Big difference.


Alright, you chose the monthly installments - still doesnt change the fact that you signed up for a service with a 12 month contract duration.


You signed up for a service with a 12 month contract duration. You have to pay. Better read the details first, before you sign up for a service next time.