Premium cancel

Can i cancel premium?

Sure. Talk to support. And you might want to check the Help Center for details as well.

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Cancel yes, but as it is a one-year contract there is a good chance that it will be only effective after 12 months.

When did you sign up? Do you pay in monthy instalments?

It really depends. Under circumstances, it can be cancelled before the full 12 months period ends for a fee that might be less than the fees for the remaining time on the plan. It’s all explained in the Help Center.

You can check the start date and the plan of your membership in the Revolut app at any time. Go to the ‘Profile’ section of the app and check your ‘Price Plan’. If you would like to cancel your Revolut Premium membership, please send a message to our in-app support so we can help.

You can find the details of our cancellation policy here: