premium black cards gone



twitter and in-app support hasn’t answered about this for some time yet.

why black card is not being available for premium users?



Damn I just realized… :frowning: so we have the boring silver and the girly gold…

Maybe they want to introduce the full black card (available for business) or there’s a lack of the black blank due to high demand (I imagine this is the most ordered card)

I wanted to upgrade to premium for this but I have to wait as they don’t want to send the first card where I’m traveling… Now I’m still thinking if its worth premium.

No lounge yet. No black card. NO other promos, etc…


Hi there.

This is only temporary!

Unfortunately, due massive demand for this design we’re currently running out of cards. We definitely bring it back :slight_smile:


Is it possible to switch to Premium without ordering a “Premium” card?

I like the blue (regular) design with the card number in front, and I won’t use a premium version, but would like to keep an option to order one open for the future.


will they be available this week?


Sure. Your old regular card works just finde after upgrading. You can chose between all designs as a premium user.


And can I choose not to get another card while switching to Premium?


Of course. Your old regular card will work just fine.


I see the black design is available again from the app.


It’s always available to order except they won’t post it…


@Karol, yes you can switch to Premium without ordering a Premium card. I just did that, and I checked with the in-app chat support, they said there is absolutely no difference between the classic blue card and any premium card (other than the colour).
I also prefer the look of the Blue card, and so continue to use this card (and it remains my only card). Anyway the colour of the card is such a detail (as long as it’s not some girly pink - unless you’re a girl of course -, who cares what the colour is…).
I only got premium for the unlimited FX. None of the other features really seem to be worth much, particularly the very stingy 400€/£ ATM limit (though admittedly I have yet to make an ATM withdrawal using Revolut).


Thanks for the answer!

I don’t like premium cards because they don’t have the card number on the front, so Europcar (at least in Switzerland) won’t allow them to be used for car rental. The standard MasterCard works perfectly fine with it.

I agree with you that no of the current premium features apart from unlimited FX is of much use in my case. Not even the travel/health insurance, as it doesn’t cover Swiss residents…


I didn’t realise that the Premium cards don’t have a number on the front, that seems weird if it’s really the case.
Yeah the insurance is a fairly minimalist affair - my free French credit card comes with far better insurance cover, including covering the excess on any rental car hire!