Premium and virtual cards



I’m about to subscribe to the premium plan but first I’d like to know if it includes unlimited & free virtual cards, I read “free spare cards” but it’s rather vague.



I’ve been told the following on Twitter:

@RevolutApp hi, are the virtual cards free with the Premium plan? I read "free spare cards" but nothing about virtual cards

Correct. You can have up to 5 virtual cards active per month.


That’s right! You can have up to two physical cards and up to 5 virtual :slight_smile:


That’s right you can add free virtual cards on a premium plan?


Yes! :slight_smile: And there’s also free express delivery for the physical ones.


I must say that rocks, and it’s way better than those ephemeral cards banks provide for additional fees.
Anyway, I subscribed to Premium and ordered my black/metal premium card already :grin: