Premium and Metal Cards are now being issued locally, rather than from the UK



I just thought I would let all the other Norwegians out there know that the Revolut Premium/Metal Card is now being issued locally in Norway, meaning you can now use the card with services such as Payr and Spiff, I have not tried Vipps. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Basic or Virtual cards.


Why so many restrictions in EU markets? What’s the matter of using a foreign euro-member card?
Why a local company or service blocks foreign transactions? Fake Union!


I think they made these local BINs because of Apple Pay coming “soon”…


You are probably right. This seems like one of the steps they would have to take to be able to offer Apple Pay, but as of now. Norwegians has the benefits of using their cards with apps where they previously could not. I would assume this also applies to other countries where apps have the same restriction.


Yeah. I can now pay cheaper Czech Spotify subscription with Revolut card.


This is true for most of the Premium cards. It happened around the time Metal was announced and they started to use the MasterCard Account Number feature. Which is the 6th and 7th number. Norway should be 67 or 68 or 69.


I guess that Czech is 48 a 46. :smiley:


My list is most likely outdated, but it shows those two as IE


How do you check this?

Romania seems to be 76 and 77


I had a list from when they started doing it.


Im Swiss resident, still “46” number for UK :sweat: