Premium: Airport Lounges


I think for everyone but prices will be different.


Hi there, Any update on the launch date for New Zealand? Thanks


I can’t remember if there’s a current launch planned for New Zealand but I do know Transferwise is running there in the meantime (you can obviously use this to bridge the gap until Revolut launches in your country). They’ll give you local account details and you’ll be able to transfer and spend in any country at the mastercard rate (slightly worse than Revolut mostly for anything but a few illiquid currencies and JPY)

If there is a launch planned it’s probably for 2019 Q1


5 days to go :joy:

Twenty twenty


I’ll bet you a premium membership that it won’t come in the next 4 days :wink:



Oh well… merry Christmas everyone. I’m having some Belgian beers in Mexico :))


Probably an easier task than having a Mexican beer in Belgium :grin:


What do you mean by that?


You can’t post if you write less than 20 characters and this is his way to reach them :smile:


I thought that we will see airport lounges in 2020 (twenty twenty)


That’s good to know. :rofl:


So…I’m guessing even you don’t know or something?


allegedly it’s available but unconfirmed


It’s not available according to customer services.


I’m not sure, but probably you can access MasterCard lounges with Metal one, as it’s one of their premium cards. I need to check that


You can’t or I’d already have a Revolut Metal card :thinking:


No, you cannot at the moment. I’m a metal user.


I tought they should get it sorted till the end of 2018…
Lounges been fake advert for past few years…
Always as “ coming soon “
Thats my biggest disappointment :roll_eyes:


Hope it comes soon…

Hey Revolut… just partner up with LoungeKey or PriorityPass…


it’s “very soon” now :stuck_out_tongue: