Premium: Airport Lounges


It’s already ®Soon


“Airport lounges”: -Yheaaa I’m coming soon ! :scream:
“Apple Pay”: -LOL :joy:


Well thier Founder says that they are fast :smile:


i think that we must wait to end of the year


fast at announcing as coming soon :roll_eyes:


I almost can’t believe this… :man_facepalming:

I guess there’s no update and the “soon” since more than a year it will take few years more :expressionless:


Which year?

Hi I’m elfo!


Good news: it will be end of 2018
Bad news: they’re using the Islamic calendar


Gonna be hella salty if my metal card comes (60,000 in queue rn) and they’ve still not made it a worthwhile purchase :thinking:


We really have to be realistic. Revolut isn‘t a Premium product in the view of old fashioned Businesses. The Revolut Management is focussing in Growth and Mass usage.
Imagine only 5 Percent of the users would have an access to the Airport Lounges… that wouldn‘t fit. Especially in context with the target visitor group of the Airlines themselves: First and Business Class, Frequent trevellers maybe.
So I think: no access for Premium users, maybe after Metal follows Platinum, then the filtration is granular enough…


What would they even make the platinum card out of without going into high-end Amex levels of cost?


Cause AMEX Platinum cost around 550$ and Revolut only 135euro. So I dont know if they will do it at all after so long time waiting for this.


Revolut does not offer any platinum card.

Barely it offers a premium one…

And counting until December 10. No lounges, I’ll cancel my plan. After a year :man_facepalming:


Have they confirmed loungues are still coming? Maybe we should give them some tweets and they can see we haven’t forgotten :wink:


Looking forward for this feature. Anybody has any update from the Revolut side regarding lunch date?


Hey, there!

It’s expected before January 2019 :slight_smile:


…which can only mean this month.


Would be great! Looking forward for it.


That’s great news, thanks Andreas! Eagerly looking forward to the announcement, and hopefully making use of the lounge scheme next year :slightly_smiling_face:


Will it be for standard or just metal/premium etc