Premium: Airport Lounges


Your £55 gets you through the front door and into a position where you can have a meaningful dialogue with the reception staff with a view to paying an entrance fee. Otherwise it is a flat, ‘go away you are not welcome’ if you do not have the ‘membership card’. Seen it many a time.

Think of the £55 as a payment to the bouncer on the nightclub door to let you into the reception area where you can then pay your entrance fee.


Dudes. It’s 25€ to enter in sky team lounges. Without membership. (Dunno the price exactly but I think it was 25€).


A large proportion of major airport lounges worldwide will not even entertain paid access without initial membership, especially during ‘peak periods’. It really is hit and miss and the ‘without membership’ costs vary from lounge to lounge, airport to airport. There is no set worldwide fee for access without membership.


Did you try to show them your airline membership card for collecting miles, and then pay at the desk?


This works if the airline has a lounge there and it’s not a “private one”

For example I can enter for free in sky team lounges. But they’re strategically pun in specific terminals. They also allow others to come and pay.

But. If I’m going to a lounge which is not part of skyteam/ AF/KLM there’s a big chance they’ll refuse to take my money.


Correct, I have two cards for sky team and one world dedicated to airlines for miles. Private lounges are hard to go without a premium/ platinum Mastercard.


I am sure you are definitely in a better place if you have an airline card for the airline lounge you are trying to gain access. But again if it’s not an ‘elite’ status card or the lounge is ‘full’ they may well show you the door. There is no obligation on their part to receive you.

Without dedicated access through your flight ticket or a membership card (lounge key, priority pass etc etc) it may well be ‘luck of the draw’ and ‘does your face fit’.


or an upgraded ticket or Visa Infinite (LoungeKey).


I’ve always found this is a hallmark of, I cannot go so far as to use the word “scam” or “ripoff”, but maybe “unbalanced value deal”. It is a part of natural capitalism that when you pay something you get something in return. Paying in return for being promoted to a position where I am allowed to start really paying just does not do it for me.

A really good example is (or was, maybe it’s changed) is the USA “activation fee” for SIM cards. I once went into a US mobile phone shop and said how much for a local SIM. They told me the various “plans” which they had available but then said there was a USD60 “activation fee”. I asked what I got for my 60 and they gave me a funny look and pretended not to understand. I didn’t really want the SIM anyway so said thanks and left, but guess what they followed me to the door saying maybe they could do a deal on the the activation fee.

Gyms are the same - “Joining Fees” exist purely so they can be reduced or eliminated to give the impression of a special offer.

Anyway back on topic - too lazy to look but I am fairly sure there must be credit cards with lounge access that works out at cheaper cost than 55/yr. Diners Club used to do fee-free one which had lounge access at flat fee per visit but they now seem to have left the consumer market altogether to focus on business cards only. Also if you just want pay-as-you-go lounge access.

I would certainly be interested in :r: lounge access although you could not realistically expect it to be free.


Are airport lounges even still mentioned on the Revoult website/within the app? I can’t see anymore :frowning:


Seems to be removed but still coming soon™.

Their answer on 10 August on a Thread started in March:


Still there, version 5.14


I can only bring up ‘metal’ under the ‘more’ option (V5.13), and there is no mention of Airport Lounges under the ‘metal’ !


I also don’t see it… Premium, Android, v 5.14.


To be honest not sure why I am that interested. I already receive free lounge access with my credit cards. :joy:


Let it go, Sal! With all your vast cashback earnings on Metal you will soon be able to buy first class tickets anyway! :joy:


this service will be available by end of this year not soon…


In Revolut terms I’d class that as very soon indeed! :grinning:


15 weeks until Christmas :wink:


Of course, because “Airport Lounge coming soon” since Summer 2017 ^^