Premium: Airport Lounges


Unless you travel through Manchester Airport, in which case you require to arrive 6 hours beforehand as they are abysmal !

Lounges are a godsend if you travel a lot, and the (usual), supply of free alcohol and food is perfect until you can relax in your airplane seat.


Keep sooning

Unfortunately I believe nothing is coming anymore. September 2018.


I predict supersonic airplanes will rule the skies by the time Revolut finally gets round to offering airport lounge access.


Who needs lounges or airports when Scotty can beam us around by that time. :smiley:


I need because I spend too much time in airports and I have entries only to akyream and AF/KLM lounges and the problem is that now I rarely travel with them as they’re not flying where I need to :joy:


Airport lounges is a feature that we are looking forward to adding for our users. We are expecting this to be available at the end of the year.


What year? This year? 2018???


Yes, this year! it is not soon… so we must wait for year end


That’s just copy paste from last year :joy:


Don’t you mean by the end? :smirk:


You can always purchase a Priority Lounge Pass at £143/year (10 visits).


You can get it for £127 in fact.


Even better :slight_smile:

‘Bargain’. Why wait for Revoult.


Get the promotion for the first year and cancel afterwards because :r: lounge access is coming soon™

Also look at the massive bargain if you aren’t charged in £.

US$32 / €28 / £20 per visit per person (after using all free visits)


Because they promised and we shouldn’t let them give up easily. Ok?

Paid for premium and it was showing soon™


But you have no idea on the Revoult T&C’s, they probably don’t know the pricing point etc themselves as yet.

e.g. Lounge access may only be for airports outside of Europe, 2 trips/year, it might only be available on further subscription upgrade, or for lounges run by a certain operator etc etc. The list is endless but doubtful they can include lounge access within their existing subscription model at the level of service offered by the likes of Priority Pass or Lounge Key . But we will see.

“A pessimist is an optimist with experience.”, Anon.


Even when they introduce airport lounges, you will have to pay for these. It won’t be a free service!


Even this is not sure. They just said different Account Level (Free,Premium,Metal) will have different prices so it could be still free for metal user for example


It’s all subjecture at this point. No such thing as a free lunch, pardon the pun :wink:


Don’t understand this at all. The cheapest one costs GBP55 after the 20% reduction but does not seem to give you anything. Every visit costs GBP15 soon to be 20. What do you get for your 55? Seems like all you get is only the opportunity to give them more money