Premium: Airport Lounges


My mistake I though it was still on the roadmap… but it seems it’s not the case anymore.


Yey almost September 2k18.

Any updates…¿

Asking for a friend


I’m sorry guys, but logically this will not happen unless R creates a platinum account which is much more expensive then of course. Otherwise we will have overcrowded lounges which would lead to closure of them. Which would mean that only first class lounges will survive, which R would not qualify for!


Oh, this is a little bit disappointing. The main reason I upgraded to premium was the overseas insurance but the suggestion of access to airport lounges was a big draw too! Only signed up this morning so they are still promising it ´soon´!

Maybe heavily discounted access would be more realistic and would still be an incentive?


That is what they have hinted at some RevRally’s that it will be different discounts, but available for all, even free users but at another price.


Are there any news on this topic Andreas?


6€/ month at Idea Bank or 96€/ Year at BRD for a PLATINUM MASTERCARD with all Mastercard Premium perks, lounges, etc.

So, what are we talking about? Idea offers Lounge Key. BRD offers Priority pass. BRD is quite expensive for other transactions. Idea offers 15 free ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world, up to 1000 EUR/ day, and the other costs are fine. Also, offers EUR/ RON accounts, probably other european currencies too.

So, what are we talking about?!



Both Debit under the MC Platinum umbrella


That is right, but you still have to pay 27 USD per Visit, with Loungekey and Cardholder.
Itis NOT free, just a discount. Like Amex and Priority Pass and many other Cards.


True. This happened when American Express UK gave Cathay Pacific gold status (Oneworld sapphire status) to all its Platinum card holders. Most of them never flew with Cathay Pacific and instead used the status to enter British Airways’ lounges when flying economy, not even collecting miles with Cathay Pacific and instead collecting Avios with BA. The benefit was later withdrawn. Although I managed to status-match my Cathay Pacific status to Alitalia and then to Air Berlin, retaining my Oneworld lounge access for a bit longer.


You have two free entries per year.

And at Idea it’s free at all


Idea Bank operates in other EU countries so maybe you can check what the local account offers if it operates in your country.


You can open an account as European resident. But you have to visit the bank :stuck_out_tongue:

In Europe any bank has to open an account for any European citizen. It’s an European right


It’s a little bit more complex :wink:

In some EU countries, you may be refused a basic bank account if you already have a similar account with another bank in the same country.

If you’re applying for a basic payment account outside the country where you live, banks in some EU countries may also want you to prove a genuine interest for doing so – for example if you live in one country but work in another.

Also, a “basic bank account” does not necessarily feature a MasterCard with Airport lounge access, I assume.

But I am happy for everyone who’s got the Romanian account they liked, of course.


I have friends who live in the middle east and most ‘premium’ bank accounts over there (HSBC included) provide world wide lounge access for free.

Granted you have to have a minimum salary of £7,000/month (after tax) to maintain the account, but that’s on the low side for a British expat (professional) working abroad anyway, so not too difficult to achieve :slight_smile:


I used to have a corporate Diners Card which had free lounges but I didn’t actually use lounges much. A few times it came in handy such as when paying for my personal travel it made it tolerable to buy a flight which was cheaper because a longish layover between connections. What do most people use lounges for? Do they intentionally arrive early at the airport to fill up on the free stuff?


Unfortunately, not really the case in practice. The banks are obliged to open a Basic account pack for you, but only if you can demonstrate you actually need one in a particular country.

Say, Alex is a Romanian citizen living in Romania but getting a salary in BGN from a Bulgarian company. Since Alex can prove he’s being paid by a Bulgarian company to a Bulgarian bank, the bank is obliged to offer Alex its Basic account pack at least, even though Alex lives in Romania :slight_smile:


Bests explanation so far.

Well. Good I have it (the bank) :slight_smile:


And I’m quite jealous of your bank to be honest :smiley:


I’m the sort of person that feels like I’m running late if I’m an hour early, so i tend to get to the airport very early. Also, I’m from Australia, living in the UK, so often have long flights with layovers where a shower and somewhere comfortable to sit are very valuable.


International flights require you to be at the airport 2 or 3 hours before the flight. While being in the airport I normally buy some coffee, water etc. Some snacks etc. To make time go. Often the price for doing that is the same as going into a lounge. A lounge is a more quieter space, its more comfortable. Also often there will be hot food. In Bangkok they had a chef make food on order. Like a pretty good pad thai etc.