Premium: Airport Lounges


If it is not about saving money then Revolut would not exist. The gap in the market exploited by Revolut was to make buying goods abroad and sending money cheaper than the existing players.

I personally have no problem using another App (e.g. FLIO) to buy lounge passes and will have to continue to do so if Revolut is unable to make a competitive offering.


This topic is not about revolut vs curve


What about Curve vs Trashcan? trashcan wins every time


At WAW I can get lounge access at the door for 125PLN or I can get it from Revolut for 120PLN. Wow… saving a whole Euro! Looks like Premium just paid for itself. :roll_eyes:

The Lounge Club access I get with Amex Gold costs £20 (it was £15 until recently) with 2 free passes a year. Given that I’ll pay £25 minimum for access via Revolut there’s no conceivable way I can get anything from it. At least it makes my decision not to renew Premium a no-brainer.


Same here. Not renewing premium.

Free access to AF/KLM lounges and many skyteam.
Usually the other are about 25 euros. Not pounds. And without any subscription.


It depends how you use Metal. I’ve already received £100 in cashback, a bundle £ saved in enhanced exchange rates, and now I get a free lounge pass to boot. I am one of the lucky ones. I love Revolut Metal :grin:


Sal, Premium doesn’t give you any cashback so that’s not a factor for me. My MBNA Horizon Visa is 0% FX… and it gives me 0.5% cashback… and it supports Apple Pay!


Premium = error. Should read = Metal.

Shame MBNA Horizon Visa is not available to the general public. Not really comparable to Revolut.

Although I believe the FX has a 0.3% interchange fee and the cashback is paid on transaction multiples of £2, so not really 0.5% cashback?


You have the VISA exchange rates as you’d expect (slightly worse than M/C in most cases). The point is that I’m not paying a 2.75-3% FX charge on top of that, as I would be with other standard CCs that I have (inc. Amex).

The other thing is that this card is free but you’re right in that it’s only available in the UK, so not an alternative to Revolut for everyone.


I use Tandem for travel. No annual fee, 0.5% cashback, available to everyone.


But also only available for UK-residents?


Has anyone tried using a Revolut lounge pass yet, any acceptance issues with it if so, or was it a smooth experience?


It is €25 to purchase a lounge pass for Dublin Airport Online but €27.99 with Revolut metal am i missing something?


First of all, it’s a Swiss client’s point of view:

Lounge access via Revolut costs me CHF 30.99. I don’t have to subscribe to any program (e.g. PriorityPass). I can’t understand why the direct purchase should be cheaper. I have compared various lounge prices and always get away with Revolut cheaper (Zrh, Ltn, Las, etc.).

Of course, there are credit cards that offer free entry, but the basic fee for these is already relatively high. For example, I still have the Amex Gold (annual fee: CHF 300), where PP membership is free, but for every entry I pay more than Revolut. Only with Amex Platinum is lounge entry free (annual fee: CHF 850). This is usually the case with other credit cards (only from Platinum and prices from CHF 250+) in Switzerland.

I would also enjoy more free admissions or cheaper basic prices, but I find Revolut’s offer more than fair, as it is also very user-friendly.


Sofia Airport, Bulgaria; Sofia lounge:
Cost at lounge entrance = €14
Cost via revolut = €27.99


Don’t know if you’re serious, but if you are, no you are not missing something. Revolut will get free money from you.


So if it doesn’t work for you do not use. move on. For others, and at other airports it works perfectly and at a great price.

Especially at international airports which do not under any circumstances accept ‘walk ins’.


I agree with u Sal . I can’t understand why people keep on moaning how this is not good…that is not good :slight_smile: . Like u said… dont like… dont use it… lol :slight_smile: .


It is an ok price, but it is certainly not “great”. Also, I think voicing concerns is perfectly fine. At some point the Premium/Metal membership will be reconsidered by subscribers. If nothing valuable is offered, it will just be canceled, which cannot be in Revolut’s best interest. For example, for Swiss users Metal costs more than for everyone else, and when you already have the card and insurance is not offered, what is left? Only lounges and the higher ATM limit. So I would say it is quite important that lounges work otherwise not a single user will renew.


This is exactly the point I was making in the Premium/Metal improvements thread. As a Metal member I see less and less value for the annual fee, and I’m seriously re-considering renewing.