Premium: Airport Lounges


Oh wow…



It’s gross isn’t it, even N26 are cheaper and their product in the UK is missing part of the insurance :pensive:


So much fun and wait for a :wastebasket: pass :joy:

Happy I haven’t renewed my premium plan last month. I felt it :smiley:

Been waiting 11 months of “soon”…


It is one free pass per yearly billing cycle if you are on a yearly plan (pay monthly MAY be different).

If it is cheaper after the free pass to purchase lounge access elsewhere, or direct so be it. Direct is risky though as i have seen many people try and turned away.

But at least with Revolut you have the convenience within the app to purchase additional lounge access if required, no messing, no hassle, no commitment.

IMO I think Revolut have done a gone job.


Are you sure it’s one per yearly billing cycle? The way I read the (now removed) blog post, is it’s ‘first one on us’, implying that it’s one for life

“Lounges is a feature reserved for Revolut Metal and Premium users. While Metal users can order their first pass free of charge”


‘Chat’ said it was one per year.


Nope, they haven’t IMO. One free pass per year is still a bad deal. £25? Some lounges are cheaper! Revolut can rob you if you don’t investigate the pricing!

Because of Curve’s recent debacle, even though Curve’s offering is better I won’t be choosing them for a while. I’m out with Revolut as well. All Metal offerings from these fintechs are terrible.


No new version for me in google play store


Sound ok
The metal plan get 1 each 24 for free
Premium 1 pr week, or 4 pr month or similar


That’s will only give 1 pr year


Looked in the new version and I cant find the ‘Airport lounges at cheap rates’… I can however book airport lounges at inflated prices.
Glasgow Airport “Upper Deck” - £23 on the door

In App ‘Discount’ Rate: £24.99


curve give it for free then having the metal card

Curve Metal

£14.99/month(£150 if paid annually in advance)

  • Supports Amex®, Mastercard & Visa
  • 1% cashback at 6 premium retailers***
  • Unlimited fee-free foreign exchange*
  • Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals up to £600 /month*
  • Go Back in Time up to 14 days*
  • Worldwide Travel Insurance**
  • Electronic Gadget Insurance**
  • Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver Insurance**
  • Worldwide Airport LoungeKey Access*
  • 3 unique metal colours
  • Premium 18g brushed metal card

Term of service

  • 5.7. Loungekey Access: This is a complimentary service provided as part of the Curve Metal Services. On occasions you will b; no payment will be taken from your Curve Account without your agreement and authority. This facility is subject to Fair Use. Curve is not responsible if you are denied entry into a particular lounge because of using the Curve Metal card.e required to pay for certain services available at the lounges. You will be notified of all costs beforehand
  • 5.8. Curve Metal Service starts. The insurance provided will terminate at 23:59 (GMT) on the day your Curve Metal Subscription terminates.Curve will not be responsible for any claims or losses. The insurance provided will terminate the day your Curve Metal Subscription terminates. Curve will not be responsible for any claims or losses.


Yes sad to agree
Maybe they removed it online, since they gonna change it to make it more fair


Let’s wait and see the final product, maybe there team are monitoring idea and feedback?


Thank you for your feedback guys. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


How can one free pass be a bad deal. The key is in the word ‘free’ lol. Not sure how some lounges can be cheaper than free unless you know of some that pay you to enter?

Revolut saves me a fortune in transfer fees and I make money on cashback to cover my yearly subscription. Now I get a free lounge pass to boot. I love Revolut. Perhaps Curve is better, however not for me and my requirements, I’m happy where I am right now and happy with Revolut’s direction.


Never heard of Curve until now.

They refer to “fair use” of their lounges. Anyone know what fair use is? One, two visits?

I don’t need one free visit I would prefer a paid scheme with charges that offer a good discount over what is already available by going direct to the lounge operators.


They have fair use on the amount you can spend as well. (appears). Far lower than Revolut.

Also can you use Curve as a FX exchange entity?

I don’t think comparison between Revolut and Curve is possible in its strictest sense, different animals?


Could be. I have no issues with Revolut to the point that I upgraded to Metal more to support the brand than something I really needed.

I’m even a very small shareholder!

I am guessing that the Blog was pulled due to negative feedback. One can only hope that Revolut will revisit this product and try to deliver something which has value.

No point in offering a premium feature which is more expensive than users can source directly cheaper.


Although, it’s not always about cheaper, (e.g why shop at Tesco, Morrisons etc). Revolut is about convenience, centered around a travel related banking offering, and being able to book a lounge and arrange travel currency in one simple app seems very convenient to me. Even if the lounge could be procured slightly cheaper somewhere else with a bit of additional work on my part.