Premium: Airport Lounges


I would like to know why the hell it costs to enter lounge the same amount of money as if I go without Revolut. That’s the advantage of Metal, having one free entry?


Where are people quoting all these prices or information from? My revolut app (updated, non-beta) does not even mention lounges on the Metal’s benefits list anymore. Is this normal?


I agree, will come in handy next time i’m away :slight_smile:


Where do you find prices without Revolut subscription to compare? I cannot find any price lists of them.


Hey. Lunges appear only in beta app. Not in the regular one (it disappeared from there for the meantime)


I am in beta but I thought they released it publicly today. I saw even a Facebook post about it in the morning but it disappeared.


I found it on the website of Prague airport:


Revolut have, in the last 24 hours or so, removed reference to Lounges from within the ‘help section’. Only beta users will now see this.


New version available from app store, introducing airport lounges. Basically only one free pass for a life time!


For a lifetime .!. What is the point of that lol. So cancel the contract every year, wait a few days on a standard plan and then re engage on a new metal plan.


One free pass for a lifetime? is this a joke?


Revolut posted about this on their Blog yesterday, but it has been removed.

The cost will be a flat £25. A quick check reveals this is higher than some companies and lounges themselves charge if you go direct. FLIO is already a good source of paid lounge access,

Whilst hoping that free lounge access was a possibilty for METAL it seems we are not even to be offered a discounted paid access.

Rather poor from Revolut.

Travel in style with Lounges :airplane:

:raising_hand_man:t2: Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a stressful airport experience. Crowded terminals, long queues, rubbish WiFi and no free seats, followed by possibly the most expensive breakfast you’ll ever eat - this is usually how an average getaway starts for most of us.

We believe that your holiday shouldn’t start once you’ve reached your destination, but once you’ve arrived at the airport. So, following a small amount of turbulence last year, we are proud to announce that one of the most sought after features has finally landed in the Revolut app. So, without further adieu, we give you airport Lounges.

How do Lounges work? :man_shrugging:

We’ve partnered with Collison Group, a leading provider of Lounge access solutions, to create a seamless experience for Revolut customers. With a LoungeKey Pass, Premium and Metal users will be able to search for and access over 1,000 business lounges in airports across the globe, all in a few taps, directly from their Revolut app. The feature allows you to see specific details for each lounge, including photos, WiFi, bar facilities, conference rooms, and opening times.

How do I use my LoungeKey Pass? :thinking:

Most airport lounge services ask you to carry an additional card with you, but we think that sounds a bit unnecessary. With Revolut, every pass generates a unique QR code directly in the app, so once you’re at the airport, simply show your phone at the lounge reception and enjoy the land of cocktails and comfortable chairs.

What if I’m not travelling by myself? :man:‍:woman:‍

We thought about that too! You can easily add friends or family to your booking and get passes for everyone in just a few taps. Each pass will generate its own unique QR code which you can then share with your group via the app or with a simple screenshot - easy-peasy.

How much does it cost? :moneybag:

Lounges is a feature reserved for Revolut Metal and Premium users. While Metal users can order their first pass free of charge, all other passes can be bought at a flat rate of £25 (or currency equivalent) per LoungeKey Pass. Standard customers can start using Lounges as soon as they upgrade to either Premium or Metal.

Where can I use my LoungeKey Pass? :earth_americas:

With over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide that can be searched for and booked directly from the app, your LoungeKey Pass will work at any of the supported venues. Once you have your pass, you can use it at any of the available lounges, anywhere in the world, which means you can pre-book as many as you’d like.

Revolut was born out of our frustration over unfair fees when exchanging and spending abroad, so we’re delighted to be able to make life easier and more comfortable for frequent travellers (ourselves included). We hope that you’ll love the Lounges feature as much as we do and wish you a safe onward flight!


So Curve’s offering is even better. Can’t believe I’m saying that.


Curve’s offering is garbage and misleading. Don’t even joke about it being good, let alone better.


I know you hate Curve and Monzo, so I’m not going to ask you why.


Their insurance doesn’t cover the newer iPhone’s aside from the XR.
Their Amex top-up isn’t “unlimited” it’s “within our fair use”

I don’t hate the companies, I just dislike their product offering and lies.


I was talking specifically about LoungeKey. But correct me if I’m wrong, you cannot use Amex on Revolut…ever so at least Curve are trying.

But their phone insurance is bad, I agree.


You’re correct, you can’t.

I’m primarily miffed about the misleading side, I’d be fine if they advertised it as limited.


I just did a quick check. When I pay for the lounge directly at the airport I pay 16,50 Euro. When I pay the lounge over the App I pay 27,99 Euro. Am I missing something? :thinking:


You’re not missing anything.