Premium: Airport Lounges


You did read the T&C of the beta program and that you are not supposed to talk about beta features in public right?


Well at least it won’t be hungry. :man_shrugging:


Found in the help section in app.


The question is if it will be a crappy integration or a real discount for metal and premium users.


It’s coming. And is more expensive than just getting access to any lounge without a pass :)))


I can read all about lounge access in the help section but there is no ‘square icon button’ on the ‘more’ page. From reading the help section it appears you have to pay for lounge access anyway. So perhaps pretty much a waste of time!


Well it made it into beta this week! :smile: I just updated my Revolut Beta tester app, and it includes Airport Lounges. As Metal member you get one free lounge pass…


If it’s not gonna be free (at least one visit per month or so) then it’s a big FAIL. MasterCard World comes with unlimited visits for myself + 1 guests so.


That’s excellent. One free pass. Is that worldwide and within one yearly billing cycle?


Really? How much it is?


I live in Switzerland and the cost is 30.99 CHF for a lounge pass. Is this for real? I’m paying 160 CHF a year for Metal and all I get is 1 free lounge access? This must be some kind of joke. With a DragonPass membership (which is 99 GBP a year) a lounge pass costs just 19 GBP and it has almost all lounges that Revolut offers. I’m very disappointed. I mean, living in Switzerland I don’t get free travel insurance and the only real benefits Metal brings me is a shiny card, a higher ATM limit, and 1 lounge pass.


And I forgot to mention. When I flew Austrian last month, they offered me lounge access in Vienna for just 24.99 EUR. I flew SAS last week and they offered me lounge access in Stockholm for 24.95 EUR. And let’s not forget that the Austrian and SAS lounges are far better than the lounges that Revolut/LoungeKey offer in both airports. And the list can just go on.


For me I don’t care about Lounge access, I get that with my current HSBC credit card. I easily recover my Metal Fee with the much better exchange rates and cashback on card usage outside of the EU.

Every customer is different and one size does not fit all. For me this year metal works just fine. In the next billing cycle I may well downgrade as my cashback will be limited.


Could this not just be because its in beta? Maybe when its launched it may have complementary access as mentioned in a email a few posts up?


Yes, you are right. On my part it’s all guess work. I’m no beta tester! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In any event I think one free pass per year (if correct) is still good value and a nice ‘free’ add on to the current metal offering.


Most of the lounge access are between 40 and 60€, so please explain me how 30€ is more expensive than that.

Also got the info from the customer service that Premium and Metal card will include 1 complimentary visit to any lounge listed in LoungeKey.


Why not build a more personal experience?
Where user can tell i want this, this, and not this, and get a individual offer?


The problem is individual tailoring all adds cost.


Eventyr Lounge in CPH er 30 EUR or 25GBP normally, so that is the same price as from within Revolut even as a Metal holder.

Same for NO 1 Lounge in Gatwick which is even cheaper using Norwegian Reward. So no real benefit.


Should not be that big of a deal to put its simple
Take this package, price X
Or put your own package together