Premium: Airport Lounges


it’s “very soon” now :stuck_out_tongue:


At least I hope it’ll be something nice and not something useless “just to be there” like it’s with the concierge…

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Heya, that’s actually me Chad is replying to. He’s going to be giving me some very tough timeframes for other features in DM’s.



I feel like it’s gonna be 20€/ entry…


Maybe as Romanians we also get a 20% discount (as we get for the free ATM withdrawal which is 1600 RON instead of 400 EUR) so it’s gonna be 16 EUR/entry :))


Probably doesn’t add much else but still interesting.


Is the concierge useful yet? Like, can they take money from your Revolut to pay for things?


I’m not sure yet, I’ll find out and let you know when I get them to book a lounge pass for me.


I found concierge slow and relatively impractical in the advice they provided. Of course depends on the brief quality and complexity of the task requested.

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That’s interesting that lounge access will be complimentary for metal users (if true), wonder if there will be an annual limit applied to that. If access is going to be complimentary, that certainly adds value to the metal product


If they will do this I will instantly upgrade to Metal.


As always the devil is in the detail ! :sweat_smile:


Would be great to see it available from next week. Let’s see if this time ‘soon’ means soon! :grimacing:


They remove completely the airport lounges from metal and premium section. Version iOS 5.31

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Yep. That pretty much means it’s not done…yet :smiley:


I just contacted in app support a few minutes ago and this is what I was told.

A few days ago I was told it would launch this week… :upside_down_face:


No such thing as a free lunch !

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Ask about ApplePay too :rofl:
I bet the answer will be Soon or Very close/Final stages

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Well, you shouldn’t post more about it :slight_smile: