Premium account - no real value in it



I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t see much value for the average user in upgrading to the premium account.

The benefits of upgrading to the premium account are:

  • Extra £200 ATM withdrawls - I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t think a lot of people even carry physical cash anymore

  • I don’t think all that many people will be transfering more than £5000 a month in international transfers (correct me if I’m wrong)

  • Premium cards…shiny nice looking cards are cool but not worth a monthly subscription

  • Medical insurance…most people have this already

  • Free express delivery…also not worth the subscription cost

  • 24/7 customer support…most be worth it for some but I doubt all that many

  • Free spare cards…also not worth the monetary amount.

So all in all, I don’t see the value proposition in the premium account. Personally, I’m a massive Revolut fan but won’t be acting on this until you give us more. Let me know when that is the case though!



Hi! Revolut Premium is pretty new, that’s why it doesn’t offer that many things. In a way it’s like Amazon Prime, many more features will be added in the future, but the price will stay the same. I do have a premium account (even though I don’t really need most of the features) because I want to be one of the first users to try out the new ones as they come out :smiley:


@c0stin c0stin

Same here, I think that an more Exclusive account with Amex (even its almost impossible) would be a great next step for the future even the Premium is not full available (no IBAN and Premium card)


@Rblack91 I generally agree with what you wrote but with regard to this specific point:

Some people use Revolut while travelling. Generally, you do want to have some cash on you if that’s the case. Also, in many countries card acceptance is not widespread, and in some others only local payment systems can be used instead. Further, in places where fraud rates are significant, it’s safer to only use the card for withdrawals, and then pay cash. Even if you’re not travelling, making an ATM withdrawal in advance can lock in a better exchange rate and help you avoid weekend surcharges.

So in fact ATM withdrawals are very useful. It’s just that €/£200/month is a pitiable amount, and this benefit is only worth €/£4 anyway, much less than the Premium fee (due upfront for the whole year, without any commitment from Revolut that their terms will not suddenly change for the worse; in fact they already did since Premium was announced).